Mission Statement

The genesis of True North Perspective grew out of my observation that there are many events taking place in the world that are not reported in our newspapers, magazines, on radio, or on television. There is only so much space and time and both are used to satisfy that which is considered important, necessary, and useful, by those assigned to fill the space and time. True North Perspective will fill in the gaps to help round out the news knowledge of Canadians, so that, as developments occur, we’ll not be taken by surprise.

There are many other news and analysis outlets on the web, all with separate axes to grind. Although the perpetrators wouldn’t believe it, the noise that comes from the extreme left and the extreme right makes the same annoying sound, grounded as they are in hostility, hatred, paranoia, and contempt for the expression of civil options that are contrary to their particular gospel. Unless one subscribes to a particular psychosis, one is left bemused and depressed. Our goal is to provide information that will let the sun shine on the world’s continuing struggle for democracy, without hiding our head in the sand.

Needless to say, the concept and practice of democracy goes way back to Athens in ancient Greece. Democracy as we know it today has its roots in England during the 1600s. Since the 1600s, with an eye on the English model, countries throughout the world have been experimenting in democracy. In Canada our experiment has advanced from the days of the Family Compact and the founding of Canada in 1867. First our democracy included a vote for property owners only, almost all male. Eventually (1918) women got the vote in federal elections. It was several decades later before all residents, whether or not they owned property, were allowed to vote in municipal elections.

Experiments in democracy have included The United States of America that officially included slavery until 1865. Throughout the 20th century there were bursts of newly founded states that laid claim to being democracies even if by another name. Some failed, some regressed into dictatorships, while others carry on, and multiply, flying high the banner that represents at least the aspiration if not the letter of democracy.

Despite the shadows cast by the forces of darkness during the opening years of the 21st century, the sun shines on evolving democratic experiments throughout the world. True North Perspective will do its best to focus on the light and hope that thrives everywhere. In this spirit, letters and opinion articles from our readers will be more than welcomed. We’ll be looking for correspondents worldwide. Of course, we can’t simply accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative in our considerations. To keep it all in perspective, we’ll have to shine our light on shadows too.

Meanwhile, please don’t feel that it’s necessary to read each and every file delivered. A headline and a brief summary will attempt to provide information that may or may not tap your interest. So simply do as you do in paper print, just “turn the pages” (or flexing, as with your thumb on the remote), until you find that which satisfies your interest. We’ll try to give you a word number for each file so that you’ll have an idea of that which will be a quick read and those that will require longer attention. Some files, like the one on the Good Reverend Moon that has about 15,000 words, you may want to print for reading at your leisure away from the computer. For that matter, all files will be printable.

But True North Perspective is not for everyone. There can be all kinds of good reasons why you don’t want to receive it. For those who don’t, please feel free to let us know without feeling obliged to tell us why, and you’ll be deleted from the mailing list, no hard feelings.

Which brings us to the final point of this missive. To bring you a first-string True North Perspective costs time and effort. To satisfy the demands of a viable True North Perspective we’re asking readers for donations. As a guideline, an annual donation of $80 (less than a coffee a day) for one edition a week, 52 weeks a year, would provide us with the economic strength to succeed. However, it may suit you better to donate only $20 for each quarter. The payment method is Canada Post for cheques or money orders sent to: Carl Dow, Station E, P.O. Box. 4814, Ottawa, ON K1S 5H9 Or you may donate by clicking on the top security method we offer via PayPal. 

Looking forward.

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective