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Inside The Old Man's Last Sauna


Sorry, Room for One Only

If you're planning a murder, make sure there are no loose ends. A short story in the spirit of Stephen King that you'll not want to put down even after the final words.


Deo Volente (God Willing)

A page from a motorcycle diary is about a biker's love of women set against a background of musical fantasy that rises to Gloria! in symphonic vibrato.


The Quintessence of Mr. Flynn

A rollicking account of ambitious, hot blooded young journalists, feasting, skinny-dipping, and getting to know each other in the moonlight at a secluded beach.


Sharing Lies

It is a thin line and a wide gap that separates a child's imagination from the world of lies. It is a lucky child who has parents who know the difference.


Our School Bus is Missing!

You can't fool 4 and 5 year-olds! A splendid bedtime read for your children and grandchildren.


Flying High

A 15 year-old's dream comes to life when he wins the chance to fly with fighter pilots keeping up their time.


The Richest Bitch in the Country or, Ginny, I Hardly Knows Ya!

A Toronto Rosedale Rich Girl escapes her Gilded Cage and fulfills her secret fantasy at Montreal's Expo '67.


One Lift Too Many

A retired bank robber, now a father of two young children, with a serious gambling debt to the mob, breaks his gang's rule.


The Model 'A' Ford

In the harsh world of Ontario's tobacco country, a teenager contends with a former Nazi fighter pilot over a Model 'A' Ford.


O! Ernie . . . What have they done to you?

In the name of democracy, they commit crimes against humanity.


The Old Man's Last Sauna

Love is a many splendored thing that may surface in unexpected ways between unlikely people.


Black Grass

A sample chapter from the soon to be published historical novel Black Grass. In 1866, as three civilizations collide on the high plains of North America, two women, in love with the same man, arrive at a strange accommodation.


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