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True North Perspective
Vol. 8, No. 13 (341)
Tuesday 13 August 2013
Editor's Notes

Washington has a wet-noodle response to 'internet chatter'

by the big guns of al Qaeda who were said to be decimated

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never have so many of the world's powerful cut and run in the face of internet chatter by so few.
Some 22 American embassies were closed because mighty Washington says it had overheard a conference call sponsored by "various al Qaeda leaders" in Pakistan who "discussed in vague terms plans for a pending attack and mentioned that a team or teams were already in place for such an attack."
Imagine! The world's super power is so frightened by talk only of an impending attack(s) that like frightened shopkeepers in a bazaar slams its doors shut throughout the world.
Mein Gott Im Himmel! How the mighty have fallen!
For some leading members of Congress, the revelation that al Qaeda’s leadership in Pakistan is actively managing and directing the operations of several affiliates directly refutes the Obama administration’s repeated assertion that the leadership of the core of the group has been decimated by American drone strikes and special operations forces.
This act of cowardice by the moral traitors in control of Washington creates a shadow of confusion through which even rightwing Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is trying to shine a light of honesty, or even sanity.

“This may punch a sizable hole in the theory that al Qaeda is on the run,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told The Daily Beast on Tuesday 6 July.

A sizeable hole indeed.
As Eli Lake and Josh Rogin, of The Daily Beast write, "During the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama often said that his administration’s actions put al Qaeda “on its heels,” although he later amended that claim to specify that he was referring to al Qaeda’s core leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The administration continued to make that argument Monday."
The fact is that Obama, and the military-industrial complex he so diligently and eloquently represents, are, and have been, treacherously lying to the American people and to the world.
Using the 9/11/01 Twin Towers episode they are trying to frighten the American people to abandon all that the United States of America has stood for as taught to the innocent minds of all primary students in American schools.
They are making a mockery of the Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave.
This gang doesn't have to shut down its embassies anywhere in the world. If the threat is real then what they need to do is defend the embassies resolutely so that they would be safe from attack of any kind. That would be a useful, and tiny, spending of the defence budget as compared with the trillions of dollars spent on destruction throughout the world
Instead, they pretend to shiver and shake and urge Americans to shiver and shake with them as this despicable cabal continues to peel away the civil liberties of the citizens whose best interests they so dishonestly represent.
God Help America. It sure needs it.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward.
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
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