The Crimson Dream

The Crimson Dream

(a vampire escape)

A new novel

By Patricia K. McCarthy

Also known as Ottawa Fang Queen

Crimson vampires wreak havoc in the City of Ottawa

Where and how did Ottawa Police go wrong?

Image: Cover of The Crimson Dream (a vampire escape), by Patricia K. McCartthy.  
The Crimson Dream by Patricia K. McCarthy
ISBN 978-0-9867025-6-3
is available at better bookstores or directly from the author.

The serene cityscape of Ottawa has become a macabre setting for prison breaks and vampire bloodshed. Hold on tight to your morals (and your knickers) – these erotic savages will hypnotize you!

The Crimson Dream (a vampire escape) is the sixth novel from author Patricia K McCarthy who weaves the final silk-strands of the previous five Crimson installments into a tapestry of twists and turns.

Who’d have thought that Ottawa could be so cool and complex?


Drugged, confined and half-starved, Samuel Crimson languishes in the old Ottawa jail, kept apart from the woman he loves. Magdalene and baby Finn are hiding out with Auntie and her many mugs of dark rum. When time takes a reverse turn, back to the days of Ottawa’s past in the 1900s, Sir William seduces the upper class ladies with the aplomb of a gentleman. He unleashes his vampire lust and then orchestrates a life-altering night for his prized hybrid son. And in returning to present-day Ottawa, an ingenious escape is somehow carried out by David Three Rats and the Coffey boys – if only they can remain focused they’ll do anything for their dearest friend. In the end the real truth will be learned – who lives and who dies, who dreams and who hides.

About the Author

  Image: Photo of author Patricia K. McCarthy

Patricia K. McCarthy, known as Ottawa Canada's Fang Queen, embraces vampire fiction with a sexy attitude. Her Crimson series of vampire novels tell the unconventional love story of Samuel and Magdalene Crimson, and are part blood bath and part bubble bath. Her writing teases readers to make it to the end of each chapter alive. She was riding the vampire wave before there was one, which accounts for her flirtation with the dark art of satire. Read the Crimson series and you may never feel the same again as you walk the streets of Ottawa after the sun goes down.

As an indie publisher, Patricia K. McCarthy's knowledge of the business has been honed over the past fifteen years. Her interest in writing showed itself at six years of age. She has completed numerous workshops on the fundamentals of writing, editing and promotion, as well as having published three collections of passionate erotic poetry. Her work has been published in the U.K., Canada and the U.S.

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In the beginning, her poetry evolved to short vampire stories and these in turn inspired her to begin the Crimson vampire series, which represents the last decade of her writing accomplishments. In between writing novels, she crafts short stories and works in Ottawa.

Her work has received extensive publicity in Ottawa and elsewhere; copies of her media interviews can be listened to or read on-line (see her website for more details).

Patricia K. McCarthy divides her time between writing and work, coaching new authors, including making appearances at fantasy fairs and exhibitions and holding workshops on Writing Fantasy Fiction.

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