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Vol. 9, No. 8 (350)
01 October 2014

Editor's Notes

Always a faithful stooge to Boss 'Stonethrower' Obama

Calamity Steve leads Canada hot down the obscenity trail

Putin warned West about 'terrorists' going home after Syria practice

Eisenhower warned against control by the Military Industrial Complex

Image: True North Perspective Editor and Publisher Carl Dow. Photo by the Phantom Phographer.

The ISIS cutting the heads off a handful of civilians is an obscene act of war. Just as obscene was President George W. Bush's attack on Iraq in 2003. He justified the attack on the false accusation that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was about to hurl them at the United States.

Two lies in one: and the heartbreak of more than 500,000 innocent civilians dead in Iraq. When you take in the physically and psychologically traumatized, it's a safe bet that you can measure at least three-to-one, meaning a total of more than two million innocents dead and wounded because of Washington's armed aggression. At least since the Gulf of Tonkin lie, in August 1964, against Vietnam, Washington has lied the world into virtually continuous wars for more than a half-century.

With smug smirks, Washington, and its embarrassed puppets, ignored or brushed aside warnings, as it proceeded against all logic, to fulfill its imperialist compulsions, leaving a trail of destroyed countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, to name a few, and millions of dead and injured. And where it didn't use military hardware, it used such institutions as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and sanctions, to cripple the economies of would-be competitors.

It spent one billion to set the stage to carpet bomb Libya. It spent five billion to undermine the economic and political viability of the Ukraine. It selected, as Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko. A man considered an unreliable crook by Washington until he became useful.

(This is standard practice for Washington. During its attack on Yugoslavia, we learned of vicious Albanians who had roots in the Nazi occupation that called itself the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Originally, the CIA had identified them as thugs, self-financed by drug running and the capturing and selling of girls into prostitution. There are photos available of KLA members beating victims to death. (For photographic evidence Google Kosovo Liberation Army.)

When it suited Washington's policy these sadistic killers and flesh peddlers became freedom fighters and the media swallowed it whole.

Washington has no qualms about lying and false contradictions. Washington is now controlled by the Pentagon and the Pentagon is dedicated to war. The Pentagon is a ravenous beast, without conscience or sense of social responsibility.

Under President Clinton during the war on Yugoslavia, the American military, despite prominent objectors, became a nation of stone throwers. Much to the chagrin of some of the military brass the war was a missile and bomber war. No boots on the ground. Then, to satisfy President George W. Bush's fragile ego (he's never gotten over the fact that he's shorter than his father and shorter than his younger brother Jeb) ground troops were sent into Afghanistan and Iraq with disastrous results.

With Bush and his inferiority complex out of the way, there were no boots on the ground in Libya. Just stone throwing — the most sophisticated and deadly stones to date. This is what happened in the Ukraine. When the right-wing coup-installed government of Poroshenko was confronted with separatists, troops and hardware were sent in.

A rebel military leader was asked if he would be calling in Russian support. He said, "What do we need the Russians for? I'm a veteran of the Ukrainian army." The Kiev military was defeated on the ground with uncounted hundreds, if not thousands, taken prisoner and the loss of more than 60 per cent of its hardware, including at least a half-dozen multi-million dollar fighter bombers. So Kiev fell back on throwing stones, from artillery set back a safe distance, with a special focus on the civilian population — houses, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals . . .

Faced with military defeat, an economy in ruins, no flooding of Western money and military hardware from the West, and winter coming down the pipe, while fleets of eighteen wheelers carried in humanitarian aid from Russia, an embarrassed and defeated Poroshenko agreed to a peace plan. Another loss for the American military.

General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower, in his final speech as president to his fellow countrymen, warned against allowing the military industrial complex to take control. But it has taken control. It rules by instilling fear among Americans that they are under attack.

However, those who would threaten Americans have been created by the Pentagon and its stooges in Washington. One can't go about killing millions of innocents without at least some of the survivors rising up in anger. As distasteful as it may be, knives used against the most powerful war machine in history can hardly be deemed a threat.

The Americans, together with peoples of the world, can bring this war machine down. First by refusing to believe its lies and second by refusing to cooperate with it. The Pentagon, and our pathetic prime minister have only as much power as we give them.

The Ottawa Raging Grannies are among those rising to the defense of peace and democracy. Please see Frances Sedgwick's ParkTales column and also an open letter to Prrime Minister Stephen Harper copied to leaders of Canada's political parties in this issue by Elizabeth Whitmore.

While there's a will, there's a way. So take it easy, but take it.

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Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher
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