Shameful snub of victory over Hitler

Shameful Western leaders snub Russian celebration

of the victory over Hitler's murderous war machine

The Washington war machine is doing its best to demonize Russia with false claims of aggression (please see Editor's Notes). We here offer a context and the human face of the people the neo-con Pentagon puppets want us to kill. Be sure to tune into some of the videos. Learn how deeply Russians yearn for peace.

By Carl Dow
Publisher and Editor
True North Perspective
True North Humanist Perspective
Image: Photo of Moscow Victory Day celebrations 2005. Photo by via Wikipedia.  
Image: Photo of Moscow Victory Day celebrations, 9 May 2005. Photo by via Wikipedia.  

On June 22, 1941, it was a confident Hitler who hurled his armed forces of 3,750,000 men against the Soviet Union. Why should he not have been confident? He had easily flattened Poland and then conquered France while kicking the British out of Europe in action time-spans that could be counted in weeks. His military machine was at peak strength. All that stood between him and the breadbasket of the Ukraine and the oil fields of central Asia were a mélange of subhuman Slavs.

According to two American retired colonels, Colonel David M. Glantz, who saw action in Vietnam, and Lt. Colonel Jonathon M. House, whose active duty included command positions in Korea, and who both taught university level military history, the war Hitler started on his Eastern Front saw a staggering 29 million Soviet military casualties. It cost the Red Army 10 million to stop Hitler, another 10 million to throw the Nazi war machine back, and a final nine million to take Berlin.

There were 27 million more Soviet civilian women, men, and children who were victims of the brutal German war machine. Throughout Europe the total number of civilians killed by the Nazi-led troops was more than 36 million.

Any serious student of Second World War history knows that it was the Red Army that broke the back of Hitler's best. First, by stopping them at Moscow, then by snapping their vertebrae at Stalingrad and then at Kursk, the location of the greatest armoured battle in history. In their book Clash of Titans, How the Red Army Stopped Hitler, Glantz and House say that so powerful had they become that if the Western allies had not landed on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, Red Army soldiers would have been bathing in the English Channel 18 months after they had taken Berlin.

House and Glantz say that the devastation suffered by the Soviet Union would be the same as if the United States had been flattened from the Atlantic Seaboard to beyond the Mississippi River.

On Saturday 9 May Russia is celebrating its 70th Victory Day it is a disgrace that Canada, the US, Great Britain, and France will not be in Moscow to share that victory with them, for actually it was our victory as well as theirs. 

Harnessed by the neo-con puppets of the Pentagon, the pathetic Western leaders are too busy trying to isolate Russia with false charges of aggression. (Please see Editor's Notes.) Meanwhile for a look at the human face of the Red Army men and women who crushed Hitler please click on the videos below and hear their stories and the pride of their grandchildren who want nothing but peace for their beloved country. Leningrad women anti-aircraft machinegunners. Defiant Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp survivor

* We were mostly girls. Because my grandmother fought, today I can be a florist and bring beauty to peoples' lives.

•  - Starvation during the German Seige of Leningrad as recalled by Tatyana Korakova. - Vienna. When we took the city we all watched our language in honour of the maestro. - Tough, highly decorated airman cries in memory of those who died. His proud great-granddaughters hope for everlasting peace. Worry about their friends caught in the Ukrainian civil war. Veteran of Baltic Offensive tells grandson, 'Always try to convey truth to others. That would be wonderful.' - Battle of Moscow - Rimma Grachyova recalls rats, starvation, and will to win, and breaks out in song. - The Donbas Operation, a wounded baby and crying tough veterans. - Zinaida Ivanova recalls the horrors of the German Siege of Leningrad. Four thousand a week starved to death. Survivors were unable to have children. 'I have no relatives now. They're all gone. I'm alone.'