Public backs postal workers

Canada Post hides survey from the public

that supports money-making postal services

International evidence proves financial options work

but Harper still prefers to cripple the system instead

29 April 2014 OTTAWA — A new poll reveals that 64 per cent of Canadians support new revenue-generating financial services at Canada Post.

The financial services have a proven record of success in many countries including such as New Zealand, France, and Italy.

The national online poll was conducted April 9 and 10 by Stratcom.

The announcement comes on the heels of a symposium on the feasibility of postal banking in Canada. International guests shared financial success stories of how financial services help to support public postal services viable.

Representatives from the United States described how postal banking is also being explored as an option for their postal service, saying it could keep good public services viable and maintain thousands of needed jobs.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ John Anderson told the symposium there is ample evidence of the viability of banking services at post offices. He said what is needed now is a task force to investigate how it may best work in Canada.

“We see the proof around the globe,” says Denis Lemelin, CUPW National President, “It works!

“Yet cabinet minister Deepak Chopra hides Canada Post’s own study on postal banking, and chooses instead to offer people less service for more money,” says Mr. Lemelin.

“We want Canada Post to show us the secret study which, although heavily redacted, appears to support our call for financial and banking services at Canada Post.”