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True North Perspective
Vol. 9, No. 5 (347)
May 1 2014
Take care beware: RT is not American style infotainment
It's the real news so take it incrementally to avoid shock
Editor's Notes
Image: Photo of Carl Dow.While neo-nazi American-financed Ukrainian nationalists developed bloody armed attacks in the eastern Ukraine and in the southwestern Ukrainian Black Sea port of Oddessa US President Barack Obama falsely blamed Russia for the turmoil that the US started with a five-billion dollar investment. He was joined in a dismal duet by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
On 02 May both leaders made public declaration in Washington that if the Russians didn't do as they were told, in effect, surrender to US demands they would face sectoral sanctions. However, despite their tough talk both leaders are haunted by the fact that "the folks back home" are opposed to US policy.
Something like 80 per cent of Germans and more than 60 per cent of Americans have rejected current and future hostility toward Russia on the Ukraine. Mostly they want a diplomatic solution.
Image: RT Banner, from screenshot.This public opinion is obviously causing considerable pain for the leaders of the war camp. As noted in this issue of True North Perspective and in our previous issue John Kerry has publicly attacked the Moscow based on-line and cable television organization, RT, as being simply Russian propaganda, saying that it is financed by the Russian government. But so, among others, is the British BBC and the Canadian CBC government-financed.
As reported in our last issue, RT is fast surpassing the audience of some of the so-called main stream media. That RT's content of fact and opinion is finding a serious place in influencing world opinion is made obvious by the fact that both John Kerry and Barack Obama have taken time out to attack it.
With German public opinion so high against him, Obama, with Merkel by his side, had the audacity to tell the German people not to watch what he called Russian propaganda. What hypocrisy. Propaganda seems to be all that Obama and the state department have to offer these days.
If your cable doesn't provide RT then you can find it on your computer on line at rt.com. But beware. RT may at first prove to be an uneasy experience. While it has a sense of humour, it spurns the silly and annoying infotainment into which the once proud American media has fallen, so far from its healthy prominence during the Viet Nam war.
So, when it comes to RT, take it easy but take it. Your faith in competitive journalism will be restored.
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