Editor's Notes March 2017

Editor's Notes

Washington elite panics over Trump's olive branch

Russiaphobia necessary to justify military ambitions  

It's interesting how political parties will change their colour while maintaining their names. It was the Republican Party under Abraham Lincoln that was anti-slavery, The Democrats were pro-slavery. It was Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt who solidly advanced what are known as liberal causes with which millions of Americans identify to this day. Meanwhile a new Washington elite has quietly taken control that overlaps both parties. This elite is represented by those who have a firm grip on both parties. No matter which party they appear to represent they are fired by the ambition of world domination by Washington.

They were merrily on their way. Bill Clinton expanded and privatized the prison system that incarcerates more prisoners than any other country, most of them black, and destroyed Yugoslavia. George W. Bush executed an illegal war on Iraq. Barrack Obama, under false pretenses, taking over from the less articulate George W. Bush, proceeded to kill more by drone assassination and oversaw Hilary Clinton managing the destruction of Libya and financing the attempted armed coup in Syria. Millions died or were reduced to refugees.
Meanwhile, Americans were becoming war weary, anxious about their standard of living with millions living on food stamps, tens of thousands losing their homes, and state and municipal infrastructure crumbling. Then along came Bernie and Donald.
Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump tapped into widespread anger. The Democratic elite cheated Sanders out of his leadership nomination. Donald Trump, reviled by the elite of the Republican Party, including the Bush dynasty and other top dogs, stole the march and won the nomination.
He then won the election as President of the United States.
The Washington elite and the military/industrial complex to which they are bound in something like feudal contract are stunned. They are trying to drown Trump's victory in a tidal wave of vilification that is unprecedented in U.S. history.
During the election campaign the party of Hilary Clinton focused on Trump's crude behaviour that is commonplace in the entertainment world of which Trump was a leading member. They can't do that now because Trump is seriously playing the role of President. So now, these appalling practitioners of character assassination are trying to represent Trump as a Russian spy.
Because by making peace with Russians the Washington elite will find their justification for an aggressive military to exist and expand considerably weakened.
Against a background of relative peace Americans would have the freedom offered by peace of mind, to concern themselves with serious domestic problems.
Despite what the war machine's propagandists would have you believe, Donald Trump is not a Russian spy but is essentially a trader and not a war maker.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward.
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
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