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May 2012 shine bright!

True North Perspective

Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is the author of The Neglected Garden and two French novels. Visit her website to learn more

Have you noticed how this past year outdoor Christmas lights mushroomed … or should I say multiplied? I love it because December is always so dark that it makes you want to hibernate, but of course, you can’t because Christmas is coming. There is shopping to be done, food to prepare, serious housecleaning and decorating. My seven year-old grandson helped me put up my outdoor Christmas lights and garlands this year and I made a point to light them often. I wanted light! After young Lea helped with the Christmas tree, most evenings would find me sitting in the living-room enjoying a silent moment.
In his Citizen article “Be merry, be bright, it’s a season of light”, Kelly Egan ponders darkness. “Christmas, be it green or white, is always wrapped in dark ribbon, a day of fleeting light. Late December, the sun in slivers. Mornings are not greeted; we crawl from the night instead, waking in blackness, leaving behind dusky houses, coming home in the day’s gloam.”
This is why people light up their house, trees and bushes. Inside, they light candles and build a fire in the fireplace. They listen to lively music and improvise a sing-along. They feast and exchange gifts. They share. Isn’t that what humans have done through time immemorial? When I visited Frankenmuth’s Bronner CHRISTmas store last August, I brought back a colourful Christmas tree ornament: the legendary rooster. The legend tells us the only time the rooster crowed at midnight was the night Jesus was born. In Spanish and Latin American countries, “Misa del Gallo” (the mass of the rooster) is celebrated at midnight on Christmas Eve. The crowing of the rooster at the dawn of each morning symbolizes the daily triumph of light over darkness and the victory of good over evil. SO, LET THERE BE LIGHT!
Onward to New Year’s Eve… For many years, I have made a point of greeting the coming year by turning inward with a retrospective look at the passing one. For sure, 2011 was extremely busy! I had taken the resolution to slow down in 2011, but the very opposite happened and I ended the year with a bad cold and a sinus infection. My body was obviously telling me I had accumulated too much fatigue, taken on too many tasks, depleted my physical and emotional energy and needed to reassess my priorities.
So here I was, New Year’s Eve, sitting comfortably in the living-room, facing my vintage Christmas tree filled with birds, butterflies, glittering baubles, mementos and wide-eyed owls. With ambiance music in the background and a glass of holiday eggnog, I evaluated the passing year. Yes, it was a positive one with a brand new baby girl joining the clan, home renovations, a memorable summer trip, a bountiful garden, a new book and five fall book fairs to attend! Alas, I neglected an essential. I skimped on time to stop and reflect. Meditation is just as important as breathing, eating, sleeping and taking care of your body’s basic needs. The spirit is your universal caretaker and if you neglect it, you may compromise your health and your happiness. When the spirit has been weakened, neglected or shut down, you have a hard time appreciating or understanding the world around you and you may go into a negative mode. We all agree that 2011 was a time of upheaval when injustices and corruption were brought to light. People took to the streets, demanding that crime be punished, that peace and fairness be restored.
Being an optimistic Scorpio, I believe in the power of introspection and intention but I won’t make a New Year’s resolution this year. Instead, I will rely more on the power of intuition, a gift handed down through a family member. I will focus on the “now” and allow daily meditation to guide me to a more balanced lifestyle. In light of this spiritual quest, I will be in Barbados when you read this article. I will reconnect with my self while enjoying sunshine and warmth, sandy beaches caressed by the sea, blue skies, scented frangipani blooms and the soft flutter of a hummingbird’s wings. Let there be light in abundance, love, peace and harmony!
Remember these words from Wayne Dyer: “You don’t get what you want, you get what you are!” So be gentle and forgiving! Create beauty and enjoy life!
“Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be marvelous.” (Annette Funicello)
Blessings! Light, serenity and happiness in 2012!