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True North Perspective
Vol. 7, No. 22 (324)
Friday 29 June 2012
Editor's Notes
Fox said to farmer 'There's nobody in here but us chickens'
The American lust for world domination has apparently blinded them to what's happening on the ground.
They spent more than a billion dollars funding the overthrow of the secular one-party state of Libya and left behind a one-party state of Muslims and their Sharia law, taking the country from the 21st century back eight hundred years.
They sent in their NGOs to encourage rebellion against Mubarak and the secular dictatorship and are clearly having to contend with the Brotherhood that proclaims it will govern by  . . . Sharia law.
In Syria the CIA is frantically active in aiding and abetting a religious war against the secular government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
When they were caught-out supplying small arms to the so-called rebels the CIA was quick with the falsehood that they were just shipping humanitarian supplies to the 'dictator's victims'.
Who, us? There's nobody here but us chickens.
Yeah sure. Just like we were led to believe that Gadhafi's air force had massacred 6,000 innocent civilians at the Libyan city of Benghazi. It was a lie taken to the United Nations that won license for an undeclared war, complete with carpet bombing.
Iraq is now governed by Sharia law. The Russians and Chinese are sucking up huge pools of oil. Iran has major influence on eastern Iraq
Afghanistan is thoroughly corrupt and the Taliban will be moving in with Sharia law as the Americans withdraw.
For years the Americans were able to dominate right wing dictatorships. This they understood. They looked the other way when the dictatorships ruled with murder, torture, and disappearances. All that was okay because they were on our side.
Today, like a species still wet behind the ears, they will ally with anyone who smiles, rubs their hands, and says yes, of course.
What they can't seem to grasp is that they are dealing with religious fanatics who have no interest in playing the role of puppets as did the previous right wing dictatorships.
It calls to mind a question asked in the movie Cabaret. The movie was based on the novel Cabaret by Christopher Isherwood. The scene is a beer garden on a quiet sunny afternoon.
Enter a uniformed member of the Hitler youth who sings to the sitting guests with what at first seems an innocent lyrical song about the beauties of nature. This gradually becomes the strident Tomorrow Belongs to Me as the camera shifts to show that the boy is wearing a brown Hitler Youth uniform and lifts his hand in the Nazi salute. Soon most of the diners join in the singing and saluting.
When the song ends, the Englishman of the group says to the wealthy German industrialist sitting at his table: "So you still think you can control them?"
The industrialist says nothing.
This is the problem for the Americans today in the middle east (and every where else). They can't seem to grasp the lethal mine fields they are creating for themselves. They think the world will accept their domination. The world will love us because we deserve to be loved.
One can only wonder that the Americans are either very stupid or simply insane.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective