Randy Ray wins bravery award

Randy Ray wins police award for valour after

saving a woman from being stabbed to death

05 June 2012 OTTAWA Canada — Randy Ray was today awarded the Ottawa Police Services Certificate of Valour for intervening on behalf of a woman who was being savagely stabbed by a man wielding a butcher knife.

Mr. Ray was one of eight who were awarded a Certificate of Valour.

On Monday, 12 September 2011, Mr. Ray, author, journalist, publicist, and Publicity Director of True North Perspective, was taking his morning walk. At about 7:40 he saw ahead of him an altercation between a male and female.

"At first I thought it was a father trying to usher his daughter into his car to take her to school. The next thing I knew the woman was on the lawn screaming. The man was slashing her with what looked like a butcher knife that must have been a foot long."

Mr. Ray approached with a shrill whistle and a loud verbal challenge.

The man released the woman and looked as if he were about to tangle with Mr. Ray. He abruptly changed his mind and ran into a house that was later revealed as belonging to the woman.

The woman, had been wounded once in her side, once in her stomach, and her hand was bleeding from trying to grab the knife. On being released she ran across the street to a neighbour.

Randy Ray receives Certificate of Valour

I'm not a hero says Randy Ray - You saved a life says Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau at the Tuesday 5 June ceremony where Mr. Ray received a Certificate of Valour. Mr. Ray was being honoured for his quick action that rescued a woman who was being stabbed on her front lawn by a man with a butcher knife. Above, stopping for the camera are from left, Elii El-Chantiry, Chairman of the Ottawa Police Services Board, Randy Ray, Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau, Sergeant Norman Freill, Ottawa Police, Partner Assault. — Photo by Marcus Ray.

Another neghbour had meanwhile dialed 911 and gave the phone to Mr. Ray.

"It was interesting," said Mr. Ray. "It was the first time I had ever talked with 911. The questions were precise and decidedly to the point. The police and ambulances arrived within five minutes.

"The last I saw of them both the man and woman were being carried off in stretchers."

The Certificate of Valour cites an act of personal bravery of highly-meritorious service that is of asistance to the Ottawa Police Service.

"It was an honour to be among a group of people who were recognized by Ottawa Police for doing everything from pulling accident victims out of a car submerged in the Ottawa River and convincing a young girl to not commit suicide, to serving in Afghanistan and raising money to provide teddy bears to young kids involved in police incidents."

Mr. Ray objected to any suggestion that he was a hero. "I didn't really do anything. I didn't think what I did was any big deal. The whole stabbing incident was over in a matter of seconds and for me, at least, life went on as normal.

"But it all hit home during the awards night when Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau told me, 'You saved a life.'"

The woman who was stabbed (for privacy's sake we'll refrain from revealing her name) is recovering. Her assailant was sentenced to three years behind bars.

At the ceremony, Mr. Ray was accompanied by his wife, Janis, and son Marcus. Mr. Ray is the father of two other sons, Andrew and Chris. Not to leave out their new puppy, Cooper.

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