Hilary hypocrisy


Clucking like a blind old hen, Hilary Clinton points

a shameless gnarled claw at Syria on the slave trade

US adds Syria to list of those not doing enough to fight slavery

By Scott Stearns
Voice of America

21 June 2012 STATE DEPARTMENT — The United States is adding Syria to a list of countries that could face sanctions for not doing enough to fight human trafficking. The annual US report on worldwide slavery says Burma and Venezuela are among those countries making progress.

The State Department report says thousands of women from Somalia, Indonesia, Iraq and the Philippines are victims of prostitution and forced labor in Syria after being duped by fraudulent employment agencies. The report puts President Bashar al-Assad's government on a list of countries that could face sanctions over these abuses because it says Damascus is failing to investigate or punish those responsible.

Parading of the annual US state department report

on worldwide slavery is another ultimate in hypocrisy

As True North Perspective has been reporting for weeks, back in the 'land of the free' there are several million slaves being bought, sold, and exploited. The penalty for human trafficking in the United States can be as low as a $500 fine.
This disgrace is reported not only by non-government organizations but by federal and state governments themselves.
Here following (please click on the headlines) are samples of the storys on slavery in the United States that have been carried by True North Perspective during the past few weeks.
Friday 4 May 2012

Ahem … Hilary and Barack, do your homework

'Horrible things are happening in Uganda

but what you don't (seem to) realize is that it happens right here'

46% of 800,000 slaves in United States used for sex services

... right here' 46% of 800,000 slaves in United States used for sex services By Zachary Senn ... informed by the video that there are as many as 27 million slaves in the world today, and that an estimated 46 percent of the 800,000 ...

Friday 13 April 2012
Reality Check
(Don't bother us, we're busy fighting for democracy in Syria)

... for democracy in Syria)   Slaves for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska, America's heartland ... says of 2.5 million American slaves many are trapped in domestic servitude His ...

Friday 30 March 2012

Knock-knock Hilary and Obama, now pay attention

... The US is a growing slave market with 17,000 new slaves a year   Although it's against the ...   'According to Free the Slaves, at least 17,000 slaves are trafficked into the US each year. Of ...