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True North Perspective
Vol. 7, No. 26 (328)
Friday 27 July 2012

Editor's Notes

A happy holiday to all!

We're taking a working holiday from 

Friday 27 July to Friday 7 September

It takes a lot of hard work to make something look easy. The challenge is being met by the volunteers of the good hearts and gentle people who represent the high talent that produces each weekly edition of True North Perspective.

A special thanks go to our columnists who labour so hard to meet their weekly deadlines and do it with such high professionalism in both quantity and quality. These exceptionals are, by alphabetical order: Alex Binkley, Beverly Blanchard, Dennis Carr, Geneviève Hone, Frances Sedgwick, Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair, The Rev. Dr. Hanns Skoutajan.

Unless you try it, you'll never know how hard it is to produce a weekly column. Just ask those who are paid to do it by publications with money in the bank, let alone for those who do it as volunteers while they otherwise have very busy lives.

And many thanks to our contributing editors Nick Aplin, Dennis Carr, Anita Chan, Thomas Dow, Ken Jeffries, Bob Kay, Shannon Lee Mannion, Randy Ray.

We are also favoured by readers who send in suggestions that support our mandate to provide balanced reporting. Managing Editor Geoffrey Dow and I do our best to scan Canada and the world so that our readers can have accurate knowledge about what's happening that the corporate media would deliberately distort by bias or lie about by omission. But we can't be everywhere and know everything, so your suggestions are always most welcome.

And please don't self-censor (the worst kind of censorship) by thinking, oh this story is so local True North Perspective wouldn't be interested." Believe me, if it's happening to people, then we would definitely be interested in at least seriously considering it.

As a freelancer, I once asked an editor if she'd like a story on a suburban café. She said yes, if it's interesting. I said, all stories are interesting, it just depends on how they're told. I wrote the piece. She used it.

True North Perspective was launched in December 2006 as an antidote to the lies being told by George W. Bush and his gang. The main street media swallowed them whole and presented the lies as gospel. I had thought that at least some relatives and friends could read some challenge to what was being passed on as truth. Being a print-based journalist I was amazed at how widespread, and how quickly, TNP would be read.

In the early days, when sending and receiving weren't as neat and tidy as they are now, to my startled interest I caught an exchange of emails between editors of The China Daily News, during which one said to the other, "Okay. You look after True North."

We are being picked up on all continents except Antarctica (Webmaster Carl Hall is working on that) and in up to 121 countries. The latter number was and remains a record that was set during our coverage of the G8 and G20 held in Huntsville and Toronto, Ontario, June 25-27 2010.

The bull work of publishing True North Perspective is being done by Managing Editor Geoffrey Dow and myself, with the able, and always informed, assistance of Carl Hall. Mr. Hall was in at the very beginning of TNP and at 19 was responsible for establishing the formatting foundation that we use today.

Mr. Hall was there when we were publishing True North Perspective a remarkable five days — yes, five — days a week.

We are taking the proverbial well-earned rest and today, Friday 27 July 2012, is the last issue until we resume publishing Friday September 7, at which time I'll announce a new National Editor to help improve our coverage of events Canadian, and a new column dealing with family matters.

Editorially, we move from strength to strength on a starvation budget. Even while we are on holidays, please take time to send us whatever pennies you can afford. We'd like to put some flesh on the skelton that is truly the financial reality of True North Perspective.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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