No food for Raging Grannies at Loblaws

No 'food' for Raging Grannies at Loblaws

by Shannon Lee Mannion
Contributing Editor
True North Perspective
09 December 2011 OTTAWA Canada — Rightwing pundits have shrugged off the cruel pepper spraying of peaceful demonstrators by police. One wingnut said, afterall, pepper is just a food. You wonder in what drawer he left what passes for a brain when he woke up that morning.
Meanwhile, I'm happy to report that the Ottawa police witheld 'food' from the Raging Grannies who have been demonstrating in support of employees at local Loblaw stores who are suffering very serious cutbacks both in employment and income. 
The Raging Grannies did a flash-demonstration at the large Loblaw store located at the corner of McArthur Road and the Vanier Parkway mid-Friday afternoon, 25 November 2011. We were met immediately by an irate store manager who lost no time calling the police. He was placing the call as we strolled across the parking lot to the sidewalk where our signs were held high and cars honked in support as they streamed by.
Two police cars with three officers attended. We were warned that we'd be charged with trespassing if we went back on the property.
We told them that we'd support them if they were losing their jobs and benefits or taking a quarter-hit to their pay.
Loblaws employees are experiencing severe job problems and they need help.
Anyway, the police continued on their way without a 'food' sample.

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