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In the Spirit of Fair Play we run verbatim a second press release by the Cuban Embassy

Cuba says that a 1965 Act by Congress opened wide the doors of terrorism for the Batista mafia

Here following the press release:

Embassy of the Republic of Cuba


Cuban Adjustment Act: Terrorism Made in the USA
One of the most criminal laws designed to destroy the Cuban Revolution was signed when the US Congress approved Public Law 89-732, known as the Cuban Adjustment Act on November of 1965.
Valid since 1966, this legislation promotes destabilization, incitement to illegal migration, and other  ways to discredit the Cuban government offering preferential treatment to those, with their action, that inflict damages to the image of the country. 
Ways of immigration, turned into ideological channels to worsen the US war against Cuba allowed firstly, to protect assassins and terrorists that belonged to the bloody Batista dictatorship (1952-1958) and a group of swindlers, thieves and exploiters of the Cuban people. 
Later followed the different crisis generated from the United States:
Camarioca (1965), Mariel boatlift (1980), and the rafter crisis through Guantanamo (1994), as a consequence of Washington´s refusal to normalize and organize the flow of emigrants to the US.
The campaign to discredit Cuba was orchestrated and used the immigrants as guinea pigs for those that believe in the so called American Dream without ever noticing that the term turns into a nightmare.
During those years, there has been over 50 kidnapped Cuban aircrafts, mainly all to the US, provoking economic damages of almost 3 million dollars.
Over half of the kidnapped aircrafts have been unjustly confiscated by the USjustice, and the human cost totals dozens of fatal and injured victims at the hands of assassins and delinquents whose objective is reaching the US.
The kidnapping of maritime vessels was also encouraged, desertions in different nations and the wave of irresponsible people that launch themselves in small and fragile boats, risking their lives to join the so called American way of life.
Actions encouraged from the US through media war, attacks the island in one of the most brutal electronic wars a country has ever known.
These campaigns are designed through the use of the deceitful face of the consumer society corrupted by money.
They are inserted in an attempt to damage the modesty of the Cuban people that resists the effects of Washington´s economic, commercial and financial blockade whose only objective is to starve out the Cuban people who will never bow to the most powerful nation on earth.
An option of finding a world of opportunities is the doctrine that inspires such a cruel law that must be abolished.
But the problem lies in that there are still certain figures in the US Congress and Senate that focus all their hate against the island and join those extreme right wing Cuban-Americans that want the country to return into a US colony.
FRIDAY OCT. 1, 2010
By Miguel Fernández Martínez
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