Saluting Harold Wright

True North Perspective proudly salutes RCAF Lt. Col. (Ret'd) Harold Wright

who celebrated his 90th birthday Sunday 26 September 2010

  Three generations: RCAF Lt. Col. (Ret'd) Harold Wright celebrates with grandson, Fraser, 22, and son, Kevin, 61. (Photograph by Fran Wright, Didsbury, Alberta)  

    Col. Harold Wright was one of the earliest to sign on as a volunteer Contributing Editor to True North Perspective.

I was introduced to Col. Wright in 2007 at the Lansdowne Park Ottawa Independent Writers Book Fair by Randy Ray where the two were sharing a table.

Randy simply introduced him as Harold Wright. He had a forthright manner and that kind of smile that combines strength of character and encourages trust and friendship.

As a former Air Cadet I took a special interest in him when I learned that he was Harold Wright, Lt. Col. (Ret'd) of the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was selling his book, A Salute to the Air Force Medical Branch, about RCAF medical veterans during World War 11. A very important document on the history of our country's armed forces.

Soon I came to know Harold as a Contributing Editor to True North Perspective, an on-line publication that I founded in December 2006. Harold filed copy on several fronts and several bylines — Harold Wright, RCAF Lt. Col. (Ret'd) for his straight-from-the-shoulder copy, but also, in recognition of his sense of humour, as In The Court of Judge Harold Wright, and Harold Wright, Doctor of Punology.

True North Perspective is now read in up to 123 countries on all continents. Harold Wright's, contributions, both editorial and financial, have helped put it there.

Harold had a way of bringing out the best in people. At the Sunday 26 September celebration his son Kevin told a packed reception hall that against a world background of bad news his father had been graced by acts of goodwill and kindness by relatives, neighbours, and friends, before, during, and after he decided to move from his house to an apartment at Ottawa's Alta Vista Manor where he could count on more immediate care.

We at True North Perspective are proud to know Harold Wright as a friend and colleague.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective