Editor's Notes Friday 8 April 2011


The song that everyone wanted to hear, has gone flat

Now the tune is 'Humanitarian Aid' delivered by the whistle of cruise missiles

Fighting for peace (photo-illustration by Geoffrey Dow).  

After two terms of President George W. Bush the world, not just the Americans, wanted to hear the song that presidential candidate Barack Obama so eloquently sang. 

When he took office and began betraying his promises the chorus sang out against those who expressed alarm, "Give him time…Give him time". Well, time Obama has had, and we find that the alarm has been justified.

The latest Orwellian word to justify war is Humanitarian. We are using our military force for Humanitarian reasons. Tens of thousands of young military men and women are dead or wounded as a result of Humanitarian wars in Afghanistan and Iraq along with hundreds of thousands if not a million unarmed civilians.

Now we have Libya, for Humanitarian reasons.

As American law professor Paul Campos writes:

"For Obama and Clinton, military adventures in foreign lands are not wars if one’s intentions are sufficiently pure: then they become humanitarian aid delivered via Cruise missiles." (Please read American Government, Special Roman Imperial Edition in this edition of True North Perspective.)

To satisfy the power hungry in a Washington run by the military-industrial complex (against which General and President Eisenhower warned Americans) Obama is using the strategy that President Clinton applied in Yugoslavia. No boots on the ground. Attack by air. That way we don't get hurt and the war machine profits are much higher.

Here are little known facts about the "Madman of Libya". The standard of living is the highest in Africa. The population has free education through university, free universal health care, and free housing. Women are free to pursue academic, professional, and business careers. Would that the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, treat itheir citizens with such brutality.

Under 'Madman' Qaddafi a modern $33 billion miracle of construction, not duplicated anywhere in the world, pipes water from the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System found deep underneath the Sahara Desert in southern Libya to the northern cities of Libya where most of the population lives. The water is also used to turn desert land green. (Please read Libya warns of human, environmental disaster if the 'Great Man-Made River' is hit by air strikes' in this edition.)

All this lunatic behaviour is enough to make one shudder, maybe even have nightmares. But wait, there's one more thing. Oil.

Libya has plenty of oil. And while Qaddafi has taken to playing along with the West on this ever more precious non-renewable resource, he hasn't unconditionally surrendered it to the West.

Perhaps it is the latter that prompts War Lord Hillary Clinton and Obama, her evermore easily manipulated puppet, to be so prompted as to conduct a Humanitarian military action against the brutal dictatorship of 'Madman' Qaddafi.

Like Hitler who lied about Polish aggression, the leaders of the West seem addicted to lying on just about everything to their all too gullible citizens.

But I have hopes that the gullibility is wearing thin. Eventually, sooner than later as they say, an angry public will reject the liars and insist on the truth.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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