Editor's Notes

Put away your guns boys, 2011 will be

an election year only by sheer accident
And don't blame Stephen Harper. He who is standing in the way of a clear shot at democracy by the Canadian electorate is none other than Michael Ignatieff.
Even as Ignatieff was appearing over the hustings horizon, just as he entered the campaign for a safe by-election, True North Perspective said he would be bad for the Liberal Party and bad for Canada. The man made a name for himself in academia and journalism by talking mostly about himself.
That he was a dud as a Canadian politician became evident even as he uttered his first declaration that Canada had to rally the chiefs and the Indians to defeat the separatists in Quebec. Talk about beating a dead horse. The separatist fire had been all but burned out by that time, only to be revived by Harper's clumsiness in dealing with the French in the province.
The two main federal parties each have a leader not trusted by the majority of voters and so the polls put them both at a stalemate. The only leader that the voting public favours is New Democrat Jack Layton. The problem for Layton is that his party is not trusted.
Meanwhile, Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe struts his stuff with majority support in his home base of Quebec.
Talk about gridlock. The Liberals won't move because they lack confidence, for good reason, in their leader. The Tories won't move because they fear another minority government at best. And Harper likes being prime minister so why risk a loss.
So, unless there is a serious stumble, always a distinct possibility, 2011 will be a federal election-free year and Ottawa will continue to muddle through to hardly anyone's satisfaction.
However, since we only come this way once, we might as well be happy — so Happy New Year!
Meanwhile, take it easy but take it.
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective