Editor's Notes 30 March 2012


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True North Perspective
Vol. 7, No. 09 (311)
Friday 30 March 2012

Editor's Notes

Donations continue during hiatus

I'm happy to report that during our hiatus, (two weeks planned and a third week caused by severe technical problems that we've obviously managed to overcome), donations continued to flow in — not in large amounts and not large in total, but every penny counts and each penny we received represents good will by our readers.

Most encouraging.

I want to thank, most sincerely, all those who have taken the trouble to donate. I will do my best to send you a personal note of gratitude.

We really can't do this without you. And to emphasize the point I hereby repeat my appeal for you to mail your donations to Carl Dow, True North, Station E, P.O. Box 4814, Ottawa ON Canada K1S 5HB.

Meanwhile, we bring back True North Perspective and its unique coverage of local, national, and international events, along with our brilliant columnists and their special attention to everything from Parliament Hill to children and flowers in the garden.

Their keen analyses of the broad spectrum of our country's experiment in democracy satisfy both the mind and heart.

Meanwhile, in keeping with our mandate, we're compelled to shine a light on forces of darkness that are causing so much harm.

We point with dismay (because they're supposed to be The Good Guys) at the duplicity of those human instruments of the military-industrial complex who have seized control of Washington.

They go about in the name of Democracy while actually plundering and killing in the process of expanding an empire as if this were the 19th century.

Billions of dollars are spent, aside from trillions on war, to destabilize countries, and what do they leave behind, as in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, but Islamic regimes and Sharia law that imposes 12th century concepts and practices on men, women, and children of the 21st century.

All in the name of the bottom line — not democracy.

The hypocrisy of the current holders of the conch in Washington is underlined by the fact that while they brag about pursuing democracy throughout the world, slavery is thriving within the continental borders of the United States.

The federal government pays only token attention to this savage practice, leaving the fight for freedom up to relatively helpless charities.

Hundreds of thousands of slaves in the sex trade, as domestics, and as labourers in the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

What a shame.

But we are not overwhelmed, nor have we lost our sense of humour, more of this will show as we hit our stride in coming issues. It's nice to be back.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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