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Living untroubled in a troubled world … is it possible?
“Anger or hatred is like a fisherman’s hook. It is very important for us to ensure that we are not caught by it.” — Dalai Lama
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How do you cope with senseless tragedy? How do you react to the unexpected slaughter of innocent people? The terrible double murder committed by Guy Turcotte is still fresh on our minds and may soon be revisited if the case is reopened.

As a mother, I feel for Isabelle Gaston who has lost her precious babies. As a grandparent, I feel for the grandparents who will never see their grandchildren grow up. I feel for Guy Turcotte’s parents who will live with the dark clouds surrounding their son’s violent crime for the rest of their lives.

I read the related readers’ comments in Tuesday’s Le Droit. People are reeling with disbelief following the jury’s decision not to hold Guy Turcotte criminally responsible. Some believe our justice system is failing us. Many also believe this crime was carefully premeditated.

And if that isn’t enough to shake our beliefs in humans and society itself, we have been confronted once more with terrorism, the homegrown kind ... the kind involving the kid next door.
We are told that Anders Behring Brievik apparently never had any problems with the law. He has a normal middle-class background, is a former business school student, has an interest in bodybuilding and Freemasonry, enjoys classical music ... but, also has a preference for violent movies and war-themed video games and DEXTER, the guilt-ridden serial killer.
The problem is this good-looking, middle-class young man had been planning his monstrous plot for over two years. The still single terrorist, a right-wing Christian fundamentalist, bombed government offices in Oslo on July 22nd to supposedly create a diversion, then went on a shooting rampage on Utoya Island, 30 km from Oslo, where a youth camp run by the governing Labour Party was being held. A gun enthusiast, he was quoted as saying “I’ll kill every one of you!”
Again, we are faced with the work of a delusional extremist who thinks he can control the world and improve it by shocking society with carnage.
Gwynne Dyer, a respected journalist and author, argues that in an era where there are not as many wars, the problem that emerges is terrorism. And the very purpose of terrorism is to terrify people and disturb the established safety net of governing parties and society itself. Religion and religious bias become the fuel that drives the illusion of superiority and feeds intolerance. As frustration grows and extreme views blur all judgment, terrorists build their case and plot their vengeance. Breivik’s mind seems to have spun out of control with him posting anti-Islamic views, skepticism about the mixing of different cultures and animosity toward socialism.
It all seems like déjà vu, doesn’t it? And what will this terrorist interference accomplish? Nothing! nothing but cause anger and despair for those who have lost loved ones, those who were there but whose lives were spared and all those who will have to deal with the aftermath whether because of injuries, disruption of their workplace or memories of the horrifying scenes. Drastic measures, security and otherwise, will then be set in place and everyone will lose more freedom.
So what should you and I do as we observe this human drama unfolding in Norway? Since I don’t like to dwell on tragedy day in, day out, I limit my exposure to TV news, as I did with the coverage of 9/11, and look to the wisdom and inspirational words of people I trust and admire. So today, I picked up another of Wayne Dyer’s book, Change your thoughts – Change your life.
Wayne Dyer who has studied many religions and their philosophy based this particular book on the Tao Te Ching, a classic written in ancient China by Lao-tzu, a prophet who wrote the verses during a period of war and social upheaval. “Yes, there seems to be a time for such things (war, famine, tragedy, disasters ...), and I choose not to remain in extremes of resentment and anger. But there is also my desire to do something about these circumstances .... By remaining internally peaceful and avoiding the extremes, I will impact the world in the same loving way that the Tao eternally manifests from love and kindness.”
Wise words! Wayne Dyer reminds us that violence violates the harmony of life and death. He suggests we make a decision to live harmoniously by removing all associations with violence, that we stop supporting entertainment that promotes any type of it. He also suggests we monitor our vocabulary, thus removing words that relate to hatred or killing and that we strive to resolve disputes peacefully. Finally, he suggests we might want to get involved with organizations that discourage violence.
This weekend, I intend to spend some time in harmony with nature, away from the turmoil of the past few days. As Lao-tzu retired to the desert to reflect and record his writings, I will seek a peaceful respite and the freedom of nature. I hope that governments do not overreact by imposing tighter security sanctions that stifle freedom and burden the taxpayers more and more.
Blessings and my deepest sympathy to all those who have lost loved ones in this tragedy! My heart also goes out to those who have survived this ordeal or are dealing with its aftermath. May you find the courage to put this behind you some day and regain some sort of balance and harmony in your life.


A most interesting article, and many years of my life, I spend in deep thought exactly about that.
Untroubled?? What does that mean when we read or hear of terrible activities happening to many completely innocent people.
The hunger that people suffer, besides lack of food, lack of plain clean water, which we use to flush .
our toilets with.
Something is absolutely wrong in the world, and at times, watching the news, I too cry because of all the pain I see before me, on the screen, yet, mostly unable to do anything to change it.

Yet I am given a life to live, a live I should learn in, experience in, grow, mature, be compassionate, honest, caring, and, enjoy as well, it is my right to enjoy living in a great country, to enjoy my Art, sculpting, garden, my friends, and the beauty of the country I live in. Have gone through terrible times as well, so when things are going well, I am very happy!!
I thank the Universe for all I have to enjoy, knowing, that not all live the way I do, I have my friends , my neighbors, and, hopefully most people who have made Canada their home are doing alright, and have food and water available to them at any time.
I have compassion for those who suffer, but can not do much else, than be grateful for what I all have, thank the Universe for it all, and, help out other Canadians, who are going through hard times, our help is at times needed right here in our own country, city, back yard, we don't have to go to other far away countries to show that we are caring, loving people, and thus, do the best we can, and be happy with each day that brings joy, and be thankful for the help we get, when hard times come knocking on our door, as it does and did, most likely for all of us at some point in our lifes.
So to live untroubled, is not always possible, but when it is for a while, enjoy that gift, while being helpful to those in need.
Having grown up in a terrible war, I enjoy living in a peaceful country, having gone very hungry, I am grateful for food, having lived in fear, I am happy that there is nothing to fear here presently.

Live it self is a struggle, and brings us many challenges, and difficulties to overcome. Why some people live in such terrible conditions, and in wars, well, that is what our world has been about for an extremely long time already, hopefully; although it does not seem to be the case; will we learn that wars don't solve much, as they are mainly created by power hungry uncaring yet powerful people.
That is Evilness. Nothing else!
But living by the rules of Loving, does give one the possibility to live more "untroubled" at peace with onself, and the world around us.

Accepting, that we will never understand why things are in some places, the way they are, it is almost an unanswerable question.

As a child I did not understand the war, the bombing, the fear, the hunger at all, now I realize, it was caused by greedy powerhungery, uncaring evil idiots.

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