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I spent a beautiful weekend up at Carling Lake! There was still a lot of golden foliage on the deciduous trees and the larches were beautiful in their gold attire. It was fresh but not cold and nature was ours to enjoy under a partly sunny, partly cloudy sky. I have had the opportunity to visit Carling Lake through the seasons. And somehow, this weekend I was reminded of the seasons of life and how time flies. Eight years had passed since my last visit.
You don’t have to be old to realize that life is worth living and although it has its ups and downs, twists and turns, it also offers an abundance of experiences that move you forward and fill you with humble appreciation of all its seasons. Through the years, time becomes your best ally by giving you the opportunity to become wiser and more open to love.
Spring is a unique opportunity to experience life, to test your capabilities and observe others while discovering your own uniqueness. I still remember how proud I was to drive the tractor, learn to bake, skate, garden, read and express my feelings in the written word. I didn’t try to copy someone else. Life was simple enough, although sometimes boring. I was like a daisy, a country bloom. Then, came puberty! I think I was precocious in everything and becoming a teenager was confusing and gratifying, all at once. Dreams played a very important role at that point because it tested the possibilities of who I could be and what I could do. Growing pains were quickly forgotten when progress was made. With a new consciousness, I started plotting my future: I would become a teacher! Emotions ran wild when love came into play and a longing to get married and have a family became a strong desire.
Spring quickly changed into summer. I married young and discovered life wasn’t all it was cut out to be. Despite my good will and efforts, I was often confused about my young husband’s sad moods. He made me feel guilty, as if more needed to be done to make him happy. What was wrong? How could I fill the mysterious crater in his life? Summer storms caught me by surprise! Still, I focused on love. Dreams started materializing: a brand new house, my own car and finally - A BABY! Summer is a fruitful time of life and children give you your first peak at eternity. I learned to trust my instinct and be a good mother.
I could not compare my path to others. Becoming a widow at age thirty, was a harsh reality.
“You must take personal responsibility! You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself!” says Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker and author. He is right! I was in control and I made good on my promise to turn my life around. I made new friends, started to travel, to write, taught at different schools all the while making the most out of being a single parent.
I must have made better choices because love came knocking at my door and this time it was true love. I found my soul mate and a wonderful dad for my daughter. Sometimes summer will offer a double rainbow and so it was that I was first published around that time. “We reap what we have sown”!
Summer slowly turned to fall; it was difficult to tell when one ended and the other one started. I retired and, for a while, enjoyed a more leisurely pace. I felt blessed when my first grandchild was born. Grandmother, already!?
But then, as a baby brother slowly developed in his mother’s womb, the cruel diagnosis of incurable cancer fell like the executioner’s axe. My loving husband would not survive! Sweet little Logan would never know his grandpa! Although we grieved, life continued its blessings and two more boys came along… and then, another baby girl! This one with dark blue eyes!
Thursday, was my birthday! I turned 62. Hard to believe! They say “Do not resent growing old. Many are denied that privilege!” As it was difficult to see when the transition from summer to fall came along, I realize winter will make its way into my life… But not yet!
To celebrate my birthday, I want to go dancing. So Jacques, shine your dancing shoes! Let’s dance! As Wayne Dyer, my favourite guru says, “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”
I am as busy as ever! I enjoy life and love sharing the unique colours and smells of each season. Like Carling Lake, each season has a beauty of its own and when winter comes along, I will have wonderful memories to share with my loved ones and you, my readers.
Blessings to all and enjoy the season… Your season!


Thank you for sharing positive aspects of your life journey.  I appreciate the inspirational quotes you include in your articles.  I can only wish that I will still have your joi de vivre when I am your age! 

I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration and danced "like nobody was watching".


Dear Florence,

I am pleased that you enjoy the articles and the quotes!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! And yes, I will dance "as if no one is watching".

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