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True North Perspective
Vol. 7, No. 03 (305)
Friday 27 January 2012
Editor's Notes

According to the Harper gang being pro-Canada

with foreign financing means being anti-Canadian 

On Monday 9 January The Hon. Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources, issued a remarkable open letter attacking those who have called for caution in the development and exploitation of our natural resources.
In typical right-wing tradition The. Hon. Joe Oliver produced a list fabrications and salted them with character assassination.
He said, "Their goal is to stop any major project no matter what the cost to Canadian families in lost jobs and economic growth. No forestry. No mining. No oil. No gas. No more hydro-electric dams."
The lack of truth in the above is breathtaking.
Leaving aside the rest of the nonsense, the one on jobs is a corker. The thousands of jobs Oliver speaks of would be in the lower thousands over a brief period of time leaving the running of a pipeline, whether it goes south or west to the Pacific coast, in the hands of relatively few.
The opposition is not against development as such but a mounting cry for a rational, long-term approach to development safely away from those wringing their hands for another fast buck.
The resources in question are not going to evaporate. The need for them, the market for them, will only grow. There is no need to rush development.
And, as Elizabeth May says (please see The Binkley Report below) the delay of the Keystone Pipeline project, (and I'm sure that's all it is, a delay), gives us time to think about a better plan than sucking it up and spewing it out unrefined. Refining it here in Canada would create many thousands of permanent jobs.
It's also appalling to hear the injured whining by Oliver and Boss Harper (the man who would be president) about Canadian groups that are receiving foreign (read American) financing in their campaign for rational use of our resources.
It has been credibly established that Washington spends billions of dollars financing political and violent activity in countries throughout the world (more than one billion dollars on its Libyan franchise alone). From Ottawa we get not a peep of protest about this illegal activity.
But a few thousand dollars from concerned citizens south of the border and we have a hypocritical cry of alarm and mud-slinging from government leaders who betray their bias in favour of the one per cent as opposed to the best interests of our country.
Let's keep the discourse open and honest Messrs Harper and Oliver et al. In that way, at least, you may earn our respect.
Meanwhile, Canadians receiving "foreign" funds, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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