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Obasan sleep products: Tailoring a better sleep

Canadians spend a third of their lives sleeping – yet most buy their mattresses off the rack without knowing how comfortable they are or what they’re made from. 

As a result, many don’t get a good night’s sleep and often wake up tired, cranky and stiff.  A new sleep solution offered by Canadian mattress maker Obasan Ltd. of Ottawa overcomes the failings of traditional cookie-cutter mattresses.

• Obasan builds only custom-made products in its Ottawa factory that deliver superior craftsmanship and individualized comfort, much like a made-to-measure suit. Obasan mattresses are an exact fit for those who sleep on them.

• Obasan’s mattresses are 100% organic, using all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients that eliminate exposure to the hidden ‘chemical soup’ contained in many conventional mattresses. No chemicals mean less chance of a disrupted sleep and no prolonged exposure to chemicals such as formaldehyde that can cause serious illnesses.

With 60 per cent of Canadians complaining about lack of sleep, according to a recent poll, your audience will be eager to learn what it takes to get a good night’s sleep, how good quality sleep leads to a healthier life and how Obasan’s  revolutionary hand-made mattresses can play a key role.

On Jan. 31, company founder Jean Corriveau will launch his new book "Sleep Well, Live Well" at the company’s Ottawa store at 155 Colonnade Road S. Unit 1. The launch takes place from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

A veteran of more than 25 years in the industry, Corriveau during the launch will discuss all aspects of mattress design, as well as the broader aspects of sleep and health, including the fact that sleep deficit is becoming a significant health problem caused largely by poor mattresses. 

A recent survey tells the story: 58 per cent of Canadians often feel tired and six out of 10 Canadians said they get an hour less sleep than the optimal amount, a Leger Marketing poll reported earlier this year.

What makes Obasan different?

Every Obasan mattress is handcrafted by Canadians to the individual needs of each customer. `Off the rack’ is not part of the Obasan vocabulary.

All Obasan mattresses also contain just four all-natural components – organic pima cotton from Peru, organic wool from Argentina, natural rubber from Malaysia, and FSC-certified spruce and poplar from Canada. No contents have names too long for Scrabble.

Obasan mattresses are as individual as their owners – on both sides of the bed. Conventional mattresses require compromises by sleeping partners on firmness and other features. Obasan tailors each side to a perfect fit. Along the way its experts ask some personal questions. Do you sleep on your stomach, side or back? Do you have muscle or joint pain? Your answers shape each mattress – literally.

Obasan is also a healthier alternative for the environment.  About 95 per cent of raw material waste created during manufacturing is reused – and the rest is composted, not dumped. Recycling is so successful that just two garbage bags a week get set out from the 17,000-square-foot Ottawa plant – and that’s with a staff of 30.

Obasan recently opened its first retail outlets outside of Ottawa - in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. It has a unique Canadian-made product and is proud that Western Canadians will now have real choice in this important spending decision.

Corriveau is no flash in the pan – and neither is his solution. He has been working full-time in the industry since graduating from university in the mid-1980s. Early on he worked with traditional products but after listening to customers’ concerns he broke ranks to develop a new kind of mattress.  The Obasan has evolved carefully through a process of continual improvement.

Corriveau is so passionate about the role of sleep to human health he has written a 96-page book now being provided with every new mattress.

“Prolonged exposure to chemicals contained in a conventional mattress can cause serious illness. Commercially manufactured mattresses produce off-gases, contained largely in the polyurethane foam that’s used as filler and padding,’’ says Corriveau. Off-gassing is caused also by the brominated flame retardants and the dyes that are used to colour the mattress. This means, in essence, that a person is spending a third of his or her life steeping in a chemical soup.”

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