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Vol. 8, No. 8 (336)
Friday 26 April 2013
Editor's Notes
A culture of violence and the issue of gun control
US Vice-President Joe Biden recently acknowledged the obvious: that Americans have a right to own and bear arms but he said that the arms should be used to defend against criminals not the government.
But why should Americans trust their government? Their government lied its way into a series of wars, the most well known of which are Vietnam and Iraq. It lied about its successes in Afghanistan. It lied its way into the destruction of Libya and now is working hard to destroy Syria. Wars that have seriously tarnished the country's international reputation and brought it to the brink of economic ruin.
Since 9/11 Washington has incrementally reduced the freedoms of its civilian population against a background of everything from mounting joblessness and home foreclosures as the finance and oil industries have been rewarded for dishonesty and brutal exploitation. And it lies about an economic boom that is allegedly just around the proverbial corner.
Meanwhile, expanding control over agriculture by Monsanto marches on as with the mounting threat of fracking to rich farm lands.
Obama and his disgraceful bunch of hypocrites shed crocodile tears about three dead in Boston while they pursue foreign policies that result in the wrecking of economies and the mounting deaths and dismemberment of millions throughout the world.
With all this there might be some sense to the proposition that the best defense of democracy is the possession of a high-powered automatic rifle in the hands of every man, woman, and child in the country.
Chasing after guns held by its citizens is hypocritical for the government of a country that is the largest gun manufacturer, seller, and user, in the world.
The problem is not guns. The problem is a culture of violence. A culture that demonstrates violence while its cultural arms, Hollywood and television, romanticize it.
American propaganda that favours violence has created a monster about which the government is growing ever more fearful. While it continues to promote its own violence by empire building offshore, it is increasing its military presence on the streets back home, It is attempting to disarm its population before the economic disaster still in embryonic form is fully born and understood by its victims — the American people.
Get the guns out of the hands of the people before we have a blood bath. That way when they rebel against how they are being robbed of their birthright we'll be able to round them up peacefully and incarcerate them in our ever-expanding network of high-tech prisons.
In Canada the Conservative government of Stephen Harper, in the silly name of protection against terrorists, is tightening the screws on our democracy.
I know this scenario may sound extreme to those whose minds are fed by the intellectual pablum of the mainstream media but for serious minds, those who think critically, it's not farfetched.
All the warning bells of Orwell's 1984 are ringing loud and clear. Only fools and cowards will try to ignore it to their ultimate horror.
Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.
Stay alert, live and learn, and act to save our way of life, our precious experiment in democracy.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
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Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
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