Friday November 25 2011


War Crimes Tribunal finds G.W. Bush, Tony Blair guilty

Mathaba News Agency

“Why is it that the murder of one man is considered a criminal act whereas the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people committed in wars, is not considered so?" — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur International War Crimes Tribunal Hearing Verdict: Former Prime Minister Blair and Former President Bush Guilty of War Crimes

23 November 2011 KUALA LUMPUR Malaysia — The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal on 22 November 2011 entered its fourth and final day of hearing war crimes charge of Crimes against Peace against George W Bush (former U.S. President) and Anthony L Blair (former British Prime Minister) in Kuala Lumpur. For the first time a war crime charge has been heard against these two former heads of state in compliance with due legal process, wherein complaints from war victims had been received, duly investigated and formal charges instituted by the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission.

The Tribunal had decided the previous day that a prima facie case had been made against both the accused. The Defence team presented their case and submission defending the accused. Some of the points submitted and argued are stated in the following paragraphs. 1,690 words.

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How China has benefited from America's hostility to Iran

By Barry Lando

23 November 2011 — Truthdig contributor and former “60 Minutes” producer Barry Lando argues that China has cleverly exploited poor relations between Tehran and Washington, to the point that the Middle Kingdom now imports more oil and gas from Iran than the U.S. does from Saudi Arabia.

While the United States considers Iran the biggest threat to the region, China has been cutting deals for everything from oil fields to Tehran’s subway system.

Barry Lando:

"And as all this has been going on, the Chinese have been prospering.  Chinese/Iranian trade has mushroomed from $3.3 billion in 2001 to $30 billion in 2010, and is expected to hit $50 billion by 2015.  The prize, though is the gas and petroleum.

"No wonder, then, that the Chinese are as solicitous of Tehran’s interests as the folks in Washington are of the Saudis."

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Vol. 6, No. 39 (299)
Friday, 25 November, 2011

' . . . since 1985 . . . Washington has spent more than one billion dollars to finance and manipulate its Libyan franchise.'

'So what we have here is war by increments. First, character assassination. Then the false accusation that innocent, unarmed civilians are being murdered. Then the call for a no-fly zone to keep the "Madman's" air force grounded — achieved within four days, the NATO air power then being turned into a lethal machine in support of forces, many of them Islamist extremists, financed with American money, and British and French advisors on the ground.

'The question is why?'

In another obscene gesture, Stephen Harper (the man who would be president) has trampled on Canada's self respect as a peacekeeper and trumpeted his vision of our country as a rump of the Washington war machine.

The excuse was to present Canadian Forces Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard with the Meritorious Service Cross one month after Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was captured and murdered.

The setting, Thursday 24 November 2011, was the regal Senate chamber in the Parliament Buildings at Ottawa and included a 21-cannon salute and a thunderous fly past of CF-18 fighter jets, along with other aircraft that, contrary to the United Nations mandate of creating a no-fly zone over Libya, became a war machine for the western-financed and armed opponents of Gadhafi.

Following is the ugly truth of that which Harper was cheerleading the country to believe. I urge you to print it and read it more than once. It is a horror story of betrayal of trust. 1,753 words.

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Alex Binkley is a foremost political and economic analyst. Readers will be aware that his columns in True North Perspective have foreseen political and economic developments in Canada. This week in ... 

The Binkley Report

Ducking a tough one — the right to turn out the lights

By Alex Binkley
True North Perspective

25 November 2011 — We hear all the time about the raucous and boorish behaviour of our MPs and the poisoned atmosphere in Parliament. Unfortunately, the observations are mostly accurate.

However, a group of Conservatives, Liberals and New Democrats have shown it doesn’t have to be that way. They overcame the narrow mindedness of their leaders to work together to establish common ground on matters that should concern all Canadians.
Lamentably, they didn’t get much credit for their work from the mainstream media. 633 words.
By Shannon Lee Mannion
True North Perspective
25 November 2011 — Hands were frozen to their signs and noses ran streams of ice but the Ottawa Raging Grannies were undaunted in positioning themselves at the entrance of the Loblaws store located near the Pretoria Bridge on Isabella Street in central Ottawa in order to raise awareness about employees' concerns.
And although main-stream media has been slow to pick up on this story, preliminary investigation is showing that appendices added to an existent contract are wreaking havoc, especially with long-term employees. 894 words.
From the Desk of Dennis Carr, Sustainable Development Editor
Call by US Department of Defense for greener ways to make explosives
prompts concerns by synthetic biologists about use of military money
International Weekly Journal of Science
22 November 2011 — By transforming microbes into miniature chemical factories, synthetic biology could lead to cheaper medicines, greener fuels and, to the distress of some in the field, cleaner weapons.
Last month, the US military asked synthetic biologists to look for more environmentally friendly ways to manufacture explosives, prompting a round of soul-searching about the field’s dependence on defence dollars and whether some applications should be off-limits. 810 words.
Challenging the digital lock talking point:
Why European rules are more flexible than C-11
By Michael Geist
24 November 2011 — The debate over C-11 resumed this week in the House of Commons with Paul Calandra, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, invoking a claim that raises the question of how the Canadian digital lock rules compare to those found in Europe. In response to the ongoing concerns with Bill C-11's digital lock rules — they are easily the most discussed issue during the debates — Calandra stated:

"We know that in Europe there is much greater support for TPMs and that has not actually reduced the availability of content online. Does she have any rationale for thinking Canada's less stringent use of TPMs through the bill would somehow reduce the availability of content for Canadian consumers?"

Calandra's comments raise two issues: (1) whether the Europe has stricter support for digital locks; and (2) whether digital locks reduces the availability of online content. — 805 words.


G8 resort renovations totalled almost $2 million

21 November, 2011, OTTAWA — Canadian taxpayers forked out almost $2 million -- including more than $1,600 to remove a bed -- to spruce up a luxury Muskoka resort for last year's G8 summit.
The renovations included $500 to remove a small light fixture from one room and $3,000 to raise a large chandelier in the main lobby of Deerhurst Resort.
The Harper government picked up the tab, which also included $1,540 to move furniture in rooms used by the German delegation and $1,650 to remove a king-sized bed and headboard from a room used by the French delegation. 560 words.

Bits and Bites of Everyday Life

Facing down the beauty myths

Sexy and don’t even know it?

Women’s body image can be distorted

“You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her.” (Author unknown)

True North Perspective

Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is the author of The Neglected Garden and two French novels. Visit her website to learn more

I was reading Andrea and Claire’s column in the Metro newspaper while having lunch at the Zellers Restaurant. Funny, because my chosen subject for this week’s article is women’s body image! And bang! Here was a perfect example of a young woman who would like to start dating again but hasn’t done so for “couple of years” because of her weight.

She says she is very sociable, has lots of friends and people compliment her on her looks ... but still, she is “all freaked out about getting close to someone”. She is worried that men will not see her for the wonderful person she really is. She signs: Dateless.1,384 words.
Spirit Quest
By The Rev. Dr. Hanns F. Skoutajan
True North Perspective

25 November 2011 — “When constabulary duty’s to be done, to be done, a policeman’s lot is not a happy one, happy one,” according to Gilbert and Sullivan.

That duty has achieved a certain poignancy in Canada at this time when our country is undergoing a major change in the leadership of its national police force. William Elliott, the only non-cop commissioner of the force ever, is being replaced by Robert Paulson. The new head of the RCMP is a policeman who has come up over the chain of command after spending seven years in the military.

This change comes at a very critical time. The RCMP has always and everywhere, even internationally, been held in the highest esteem. It's not just because of “Rosemary I Love You,” or the stunning red serge uniform and the fabulous musical ride. But of late, that uniform has acquired some not insignificant wrinkles and the famous police band has sounded some discordant notes. 1,010 words.


Save our Libraries - No Cuts Please!
By Frances Sedgwick
True North Perspective

Frances Sedgwick's keen eye and ear for the human condition reveals the heart and soul of Parkdale in southwest Toronto, one of the country's most turbulent urban areas where the best traditions of human kindness prevail against powerful forces that would grind them down. True North Perspective proudly presents a column by writer Frances Sedgwick. Her critical observation combined with a tender sense of humour will provide you with something to think about ... and something to talk about.

On a recent visit to the Parkdale Public Library I picked up this amazing free magazine, Young Voices 2011, published by The Toronto Public Library.

Mayor Rob Ford's threatened cuts to our Parkdale Library including accessibility, materials and programs, has made me more aware of the role our libraries play in our communities.
I discovered just how much talent alone is being expressed there. For example, I was so impressed with one magazine being produced, especially the age of the contributors, that I just have to share it with you.507 words.

From the Desk of Darren Jerome

A continuing update on the war against WikiLeaks transparency

Please be advised that the below is not just the same old thing. By clicking on it you'll find the petition in support of Julian Assange and discover fascinating on-going reports and videos related to one of the most important events in modern history, and the desperate attempts to put a lid on information that everyone should know. Don't miss this special opportunity to stay informed.


Always worth repeating

'Give us the tools and we'll finish the job'

— Winston Churchill

Let's say that news throughout human time has been free. Take that time when Ugh Wayne went over to the cave of Ugh Wayne with news that the chief of his group had broken a leg while chasing his laughing wife around the fire. That news was given freely and received as such with much knowing smiles and smirks to say nothing of grunts of approval or disapproval. — 688 words.

20,000 Venezuela students celebrate National Students Day

and give President Chavez a declaration of their intentions

By Rachel Boothroyd
21 November 2011 CARACAS Venezuela — At least 20,000 Venezuelan students took to the streets of Caracas this Monday to celebrate the country’s National Day of University Students.
Traditionally held on the 21 November, the occasion commemorates the 1957 university strike which was prominent in bringing down the Venezuelan dictator, Marcos Pérez Jiménez. 897 words.
Money and Markets
By Paul Krugman
22 November 2011 — Almost six years ago, the economist Nouriel Roubini wrote a commentary article for his EconoMonitor Web site describing how Giulio Tremonti, Italy’s economy minister, threw a hissy fit when Mr. Roubini suggested that Italy might have problems with its euro membership. And no, I’m not being unfair — read his piece.

In it, Mr. Roubini, who took part in a panel in 2006 in Davos, Switzerland, on the ups and downs of the European monetary union, wrote: “Unlike the other panelists that ignored the topic and spoke instead about all the good things allegedly associated with E.M.U., I took the questions seriously by considering some of the problems and risks faced by E.M.U. and the risks of a breakup, especially for the case of Italy. My remarks caused a stir with Minister Tremonti who interrupted me in the middle of my remarks, went into a temper tantrum and shouted — to the consternation of all participants — to me: ‘Go back to Turkey!’ ”537 words.


Gender wage gap closes while poor get paltry increase

By Graeme Wilson
The Sun UK 

24 November 2011 LONDON England — The gap between men's and women's pay has plunged below ten per cent for the first time.

Women's earnings rose twice as fast as men's last year, figures reveal.

Female workers pocketed an average of £11.91 an hour, up 1.9 per cent, while men's pay packets rose by only 0.8 per cent to £13.11.
And when it came to part-time work, women earned 5.6 per cent more than men.202 words.

Bankers evicted from America’s national economy

By Evan Eisenberg
Slate Magazine

16 November 2011 — At 1 o’clock this morning, on my orders, the New York City Police Department and Department of Sanitation removed the bankers from the U.S. economy.

The Constitution that created the economy requires that it be open to the public for the pursuit of their livelihood 24 hours a day. Ever since the occupation began, that law has not been complied with, as the economy has been taken over by bankers, making it unavailable to anyone else. 353 words.



By Leslie Horn
20 November 2011 — Sexting is about to get a lot harder in Pakistan (no pun intended). The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has handed down a ban on about 1,600 terms and phrases it has deemed obscene, including the word "harder," for one.

Carriers were given the list on November 14 with a letter telling them they have seven days to block the words on their networks, or face legal action.

Words on the list, which has been floating around on Twitter, run the gamut from "barf" to "Jesus Christ" to "back door" to "do me."  — 338 words.


Toronto mystery

Well-paid, award-winning school principal

pleads guilty to stealing money from students

Curtis Rush
The Toronto Star
23 November 2011 TORONTO Ontario — A former principal has pleaded guilty to stealing $76,850 from a student fund over a four-year period.
Terry Baytor, 59, a principal at Martingrove Collegiate Institute from 2002 to 2009, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of theft over $5,000.
A fraud charge was withdrawn.720 words.

UNICEF praises Cuba for guaranteeing children’s rights 

to free health care assistance and to free universal education

22 November 2011 HAVANA Cuba (Cuban News Agency) — The representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Cuba, Jose Juan Ortiz, praised the political will of Cuba to guarantee and protect children’s rights.187 words.


A medical ethicist explains the implications of corporate medical patents and the nightmarish scenario of our medical-industrial complex
By Brad Jacobson
23 November 2011 —  Do you think that granting corporations the rights of people in the Citizens United case is disturbing? Then contemplate the fact that corporations have been patenting human genes and tissues at alarming rates — in the last 30 years, more than 40,000 patents have been granted on genes alone.

As the Occupy movement fights against the unmitigated influence of corporations on our lives, author Harriet Washington's new book, Deadly Monopolies: The Shocking Corporate Takeover of Life Itself — And the Consequences for Your Health and Our Medical Future, is a timely wakeup call to protect the very essence of human life from the medical-industrial complex.

In a recent phone interview with AlterNet, Washington discussed the dark implications of corporate medical patents, how we find ourselves in this nightmarish scenario and what needs to be done to stop medical research profits from trumping human health.2,011 words.


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Not in My Father's Footsteps

a novel by

Terrence Rundle West


Cocooned at the University of Montreal, Martin Kellenberger and Dollard Desjardins should have life by the tail. But it’s 1934 and Montreal is rife with economic, social, religious and cultural tension. Catholic clergy, terrified by insidious, societal forces—raunchy magazines, Hollywood smut, foreigners and Jews—have joined nationalist offensives to save language and religion. Neither Marty nor Dollard are immune. Both are products of their upbringing and find themselves on opposite sides of the defining issues of the day—textile strikes, the Rabinovitch Affair, L’Achat Chez Nous, Jeune Canada, labour camps, the On-To-Ottawa Trek. As events unfold they take paths that will plunge them into the Spanish Civil War, but on opposite sides. Only one will return.

Polar opposites in background, temperament and opportunity, they clash briefly in Montreal. But it is not until their paths cross in the snows of the Battle of Teruel, Spain, in 1937, that they meet head on. When they do, they are forced to confront their disparate heritage and perspectives. Not in my Father’s Footsteps accompanies them on their journey, searching for the whys of each step taken along the way.  


The Old Man's Last Sauna
A collection of short stories by Carl Dow
An eclectic collection of short stories that will stir your sense of humour, warm your heart, outrage your sense of justice, and chill your extra sensory faculties in the spirit of Stephen King. The final short story, the collection's namesake, The Old Man's Last Sauna is a ground-breaking love story. The series begins with Deo Volente (God Willing). Followed by The Quintessence of Mr. FlynnSharing LiesFlying HighThe Richest Bitch in the Country or Ginny I Hardly Knows YaOne Lift Too ManyThe Model A Ford, the out-of-body chiller, Room For One Only and O Ernie! ... What Have They Done To You! The series closes with the collection's namesake, The Old Man's Last Saunaa groundbreaking love story. All stories may also be found in the True North Perspective Archives.


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