Editor's Notes Friday 25 February


Editor's Notes

Grandmas and Grandpas weigh-in

on 'President' Stephen Joseph Harper

'They're getting rid of dictators over there … we've got to deal with ours right here'

Against the background of president-turfing revolts in Mediterranean countries there seems to be a tsunami of revolt developing in Canada, especially among the elderly.

An unofficial and unscientific poll by yours truly suggests a growing sense of alarm among mature women and men about the kind of leadership our country has been getting out of Ottawa.

One grandfather said, "We have a prime minister who exhibits that he has neither principles nor policies. What stands out are only prejudices and obsessions."

A grandmother, in a conversation at a coffee shop in the capital's up-scale The Glebe, said her information is that the whole Harper caucus lives in fear of their leader's wrath.

She cites the tale of a man young enough to be her grandson who worked closely with the prime minister for a couple of years.

"He said everyone is terrified of making a move without first seeking Harper's permission. Any member of parliament, that is, any member of the Conservative caucus, is afraid of being questioned by the media. You make one comment that is made public as a media quote and the next thing you know is you get a fierce personal phone call from Harper telling you to keep your mouth shut."

A grandfather agreed. "Before he squeaked through to minority power, Harper, in opposition, was vehemently critical of the Liberals for allegedly not allowing their members of parliament the freedom to speak their minds in public. Now we have Harper doing it in spades. Shameful hypocrisy."

A grandmother pointed to the tactics of Prime Minister Harper in preparation for and during the G-8 and G-20.

"What we had was a demonstration of Harper's police state mentality. A police and military overkill that seemed to satisfy his anal lust for power.

"He runs his caucus on a not-so secret discipline of fear, he publicly demonstrates his dictatorial inclinations on such things as G-8 and G-20, God forbid that he should ever get a parliamentary majority grip on the country."

She said Harper is a puppet for his masters in the Alberta oil industry and has more than once demonstrated his scorn for Canada in praise of the American Way.

"Harper wants Canada to become like the States and he would be President," she said.

With a nod to the Middle East she said, "They're getting rid of dictators over there … we've got to deal with ours right here."

Who knows? Maybe we'll soon see grammas and grampas demonstrating for democracy outside of 24 Sussex Drive — and their children and grandchildren joining them.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective