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Millionaire financial analyist describes nightmare

of life in U.S. without Canada's health care system

I don’t normally like to make a big deal about my birthday. But I just turned 65 — which marks not only an important numerical milestone but also ushers in a time when I’ll have to make many important financial decisions for myself and my family.




Now, before I go any further — make no mistake, I have absolutely no plans to retire anytime soon! Nor do I plan on getting sick!

I love my work and will continue doing it as long as I can. I exercise daily — swimming, yoga, you name it. And as anyone here at Weiss Research will tell you, I’m VERY careful about what I eat, too.

Still, I realize that anything can happen ... which is why I plan on enrolling in Medicare now that I’m eligible.

It will be nice to know that little safety net is there as I age.

So with open enrollment just around the corner, I’ve been looking into both Medicare — and the types of supplemental insurances now available. But I’ve been appalled at what I’ve found!

I’m seeing the same kinds of healthcare rip-offs that were rampant ten or twenty years ago — and some cases where things have gotten even worse — especially when it comes to supplemental insurance for Medicare recipients!

But before I get into how you can protect yourself or other important seniors in your life — and potentially put thousands of dollars back into your retirement fund each and every year — I need to explain precisely why seniors like me are facing such a grim healthcare reality in the first place ...

Fact: Medicare Alone Might Only Cover
HALF of Your Health Expenses in Retirement!

Even if we put aside the major fiscal problems facing our country — and the implications those problems have for the Medicare program — the simple truth is that Medicare was never designed to cover ALL your health costs in retirement.

It was never meant to cover chronic conditions. Or prolonged medical treatments.

Rather, it was just to help Americans age 65 or older deal with minor incidents and short-term care.

Meanwhile, the number of treatments and drugs available today are only growing in number and cost.

So the end result is that the gap between what is covered and is NOT covered is growing wider and wider.

And if you happen to suffer some type of major accident or get a serious illness?

Well, you could find yourself out tens of thousands of dollars — or even HUNDREDS of thousands!

To cover the shortfall, you can get a Medicare supplement insurance policy, called “Medigap.” And with one, you’re free to choose your own doctors and see a specialist whenever you need one.

But it will cost you! And even among
Plans that offer IDENTICAL coverage ...
The prices can VARY WILDLY!

Medigap policies are available through private insurers, and they will basically reimburse you for some of the out-of-pocket costs you incur that are not covered under Medicare.

This insurance is completely optional ... but for many folks it makes a lot of sense.

Now, to make comparing policies from one insurer to another easier Congress standardized and simplified Medigap plans and there are currently just 10 to choose from — all designated by various letters such as Plan ‘A’ or Plan ‘L.’.

The important part is this means all Medigap insurers offer the SAME EXACT policy (though some companies may offer only a few of the plans and a few states have different types of plans available).

But what’s amazing is that the prices you’ll see on these identical plans can differ by thousands of dollars.

I did some digging, and here are just a few examples I found:

  • For basic medigap coverage in Orange, Massachusetts, a 78-year-old male could pay anywhere from $916.88 a year to $1,551 a year ...
  • If the same man was in Chili, Wisconsin he’d be looking at annual premiums ranging from $1,334 to $3,242 ...
  • And if he lived in Saint Paul, Minnesota? He could pay anywhere from $888 to $3,192 — 359% MORE! — for the exact same basic medigap coverage!

Think about that for a minute: If you went to two Chevrolet car lots and looked at identical cars — with all the same options — would you expect one to be selling for $20,000 and another for $71,891.89?

No way!

Yet that’s exactly what is happening with Medigap coverage right now.

Worse Yet, It’s Nearly Impossible for Seniors to Get Accurate, Unbiased Pricing Information ...

Let’s stick with our car example for a minute. The reason that prices for Chevrolets stay pretty competitive at various dealers is because shoppers can get informed pretty easily.

For example, you can read a copy of Consumer Reports and find out not just how reliable the particular car is, but also how much it typically sells for.

And nowadays you can quickly do a web search and get all sorts of information — the price the dealer pays for the car ... the incentives available ... heck, you can even e-mail a bunch of dealers the lowest price you’re willing to pay and see what comes back!

But it’s not the same with Medigap insurance.

In fact, while the plans and coverage levels are STRICTLY regulated, it’s the Wild West out there in all other respects.

As I’ve already shown you, the pricing is all over the map.

Moreover, there are about 150 issuers out there ... and there’s no easy way to even find out who is offering coverage in your particular area.

And even if you just found a few big companies in the phone book and called them, how would you know there wasn’t one with a plan that costs one-fourth everyone else’s?

You Certainly Can’t Rely on Insurance Agents!

If you go out there and try to shop for Medigap insurance, you’ll quickly discover that most agents don’t want to tell you about companies they don’t represent. Even those who do want to be helpful lack access to all the information they need.

And I should also point out that — especially at a time like this — the financial health of the issuing companies can also vary greatly ... so just because you’re getting a low annual rate doesn’t mean you’re getting a good deal!

Fortunately, I’m in a unique position to level the playing field for senior citizens across the country.

After all, when I founded my company, I had one simple goal in mind: To make it the very best source of unbiased financial information to be found anywhere.

Today, Weiss Ratings is the leading independent provider of financial strength ratings for insurance companies and banks in the nation. And it was our company’s fierce commitment to producing unbiased ratings that had Forbes calling me “Mr. Independence” ... and even the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) giving us accolades!

We have no axes to grind. We don’t sell insurance. And we have no relationship whatsoever to the insurance companies, either.

Instead, we have built a proprietary database of ratings on the nation’s banks and insurance companies.

And within that database, we also have all types of information on the various Medigap plans being offered by each of the companies we follow — including nationwide data for more than 150 insurers in every zip code in the country!

Now, through the power of modern computers and the Internet, we’ve found a way to make this very same data available to you ... so you have the opportunity to level the playing field and decide what Medigap plan (if any!) is right for YOU.

More importantly, all you have to do is share three things with us — your zipcode, age, and gender — and we can do all the heavy lifting on your behalf... by producing a one-off, fully customized report that gives you:

  • Complete transparency! A list of nearly all the insurers offering Medigap policies in your area and what they will charge you based on your age, gender and zip code ...
  • Absolute anonymity! Because we have no connections to any of the issuing insurance companies, you can rest assured that no insurance agents will call you ...
  • And utter simplicity! There’s no fancy sales talk ... or confusing terminology to wade through. Everything is written in plain English, or displayed in simple-to-read comparison tables so you’ll never be left wondering what something means or whether there’s a better deal out there!

I can’t emphasize the value of having this report customized to your specific situation enough.

It will give you the actual, current price quotes that are being offered to you personally, based on your age, gender and zip code.

Plus, we’ll also answer some of the big questions you might have like ...

  • What does Medicare cover?
  • What are the gaps in Medicare coverage?
  • What are my choices in supplemental coverage?
  • What plan do you need?
  • And how much does it cost?

And your customized report includes the Weiss Financial Strength Rating for every company ... so you can focus not just on the price of the coverage but ALSO the safety of the issuing company!

As you’ll quickly discover in 
your customized report, you can literally 
save hundreds — or even thousands — a year!

The government requires that all insurance companies offer exactly the same benefits on their Medigap plans. The Medigap Plan F with Humana, for example, is identical to Plan F with Blue Cross.

So you’d expect the monthly premiums to be the same or at least very similar. But as I showed you earlier, they’re not — not even close.

Here are just three more the specific savings opportunities out there ...

A 71-year-old female in Dayton, OH would pay a whopping $3,372 with Humana Insurance Company the popular Plan C while going with Gerber Life Insurance Company instead would save her $1,787 a year!

A 65-year-old male living in Miami, FL who’s paying $4,354 for Plan F with Humana Health Insurance Company of Florida would save $1,374 a year by switching to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida and paying only $2,980 for the exact same benefits!

While a 76-year-old male smoker in Flagstaff, AZ can pay $4,580 with Standard Life & Accident Insurance Company or save $2,300 a year with Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company.

And remember, those are ANNUAL amounts ...
so you could save a fortune over the long run!

When you consider how much time and money one of these customized Medigap reports can save someone, I’m sure you’ll agree that we could easily charge hundreds of dollars per copy and still call it a great bargain ...

Especially since, as far as I know, there is absolutely NO OTHER comprehensive, unbiased source of information to be found anywhere either online or off!

But it really is my goal to help seniors around the nation in a cost-effective way. And besides, I already have the database built and the technology to publish these reports in place — so my team can produce your customized version without a whole lot of additional fuss.

So to celebrate my 65th birthday in a very special way, I’m giving you the chance to get immediate access to your own PERSONALIZED Medigap report for just $99.

That way, if it saves you $1,000 in premiums in 2012, the report will pay for itself more than 10 times over in just the first year ...

If you continue reaping those savings for another four years, your report will pay for itself 50 times over ...

And if you just save $1,000 each year in the next decade, you will have recouped the cost of your report a staggering 100 times over!

Okay, but what if you discover that you ALREADY have the cheapest plan? Or that Medigap isn’t right for you at all?

Simple: If your customized report doesn’t save you money, or if you just change your mind about the purchase — for any reason whatsoever — you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

You don’t have to prove anything; we’ll take your word for it. And you don’t have to hurry to meet any deadlines. The 100% refund is available to you for a full year from the date the report is issued.

I offer this unusual guarantee because I know this is the most valuable health insurance report for seniors ever designed.

If seniors ask for a refund, it’s because they are among that small minority that is already getting the best possible deal — and I feel they definitely deserve to get their money back in that circumstance.

Don’t risk a threat to your health one day longer!
Start saving money immediately!

I don’t have to tell you this because you already know. But I feel compelled to say it anyhow:

Your health — or the health of the seniors you care for — is precious. You cannot afford to take risks with the skimpy coverage offered by Medicare.

And if you go with Medigap, which is what I think you should do, it’s ridiculous to pay one penny more than you have to ... or go with a company that is on shaky financial ground.

So I really do hope you decide to get your customized report today. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars each year — and many thousands of dollars over time. It makes absolutely no sense to buy health insurance without one.

Once you enter the few vital statistics we need to produce your report — age, gender and zip code — we’ll rush your copy to you right away.

Years ago, this type of custom work would have taken weeks and cost thousands of dollars. But thanks to modern computers, we will have the complete, 80-page report back to you almost immediately — all for just $99.

So please, don’t let healthcare companies rip you off one day longer. Click here to get your customized report today.

Good luck and God bless,


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