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True North Perspective
Vol. 6, No. 3 (260)
Friday, January 21, 2010
I've known Rebecca Rutland since she was a babe in arms

If she says she was raped by Mexican police, she was raped by Mexican Police

Cuba remains a safe winter holiday destination for almost a million Canadians 

It is characteristic of the guilty to hide behind character assassination.

As you will see from related stories in this issue of True North Perspective the Mexican police who raped Rebecca Rutland New Year's Eve are trying to hide behind allegations that she and her partner got drunk and started to fight with each other.

True or not, since when is an altercation between a couple, private or public, an excuse for chaining the male naked to a wall, and raping and otherwise humiliating the female?

The police, with the support of Mexican authorities, are of course denying the rape.

However, I have known Rebecca Rutland since she was a babe in arms, She is a brilliant, self-assured woman. Perhaps it's the latter that prompted the police to humiliate and rape her.

Mexico is known for a hostile male attitude toward women. There are even women-and-children-only public transportation arrangements.

Mexico is corrupt from the street to the very top of its economic and political structures.

Mexico is a country in the midst of a civil war caused by the drug trade and related immoral activity by bureaucrats and elected officials throughout the system.

The drug battles fester ever more strongly the closer you get to the U.S. border. It's interesting to note that Mexico is a loyal ally of Washington's foreign policy.

Meanwhile, the much-maligned Cuba has been found to be a safe holiday destination for Canadians.

There is no record of Cuban police abuse of tourists. There is zero tolerance for the drug trade and therefore no chance of being killed or wounded, as has happened more than once in Mexico, in a hail of bullets by contending forces of greed.

Rebecca's father, Professor Barry Rutland, has, with good reason, expressed little faith in an effective Ottawa response to the rape of his daughter.

Under the leadership of Stephen Harper Canada's international clout has been seriously diminished. Cap-in-hand Ottawa will make motions at which the Mexicans will scorn with smoke and mirrors, and behind the scenes, ignore.

The response of government and travel agents is that Canadians must take responsibility for their own lives when we travel abroad. When it comes to escaping the cold of our winters, it's been proven that the safest and least expensive destination is Cuba.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective