Poetry by Beverly Blanchard


Two poems from a collection by Beverly D. Blanchard

Beverly D. Blanchard is an Ojibway writer and healer who assists people in connecting with their inner being so they can manifest the joyful lives they deserve.  She has a book of poetry on consciousness and society which will be launched by Petrabooks in November 2011.


The Root of All Evil

The root of all evil is not money.

It is not anger.

Nor is it greed.

The root of all evil has a far greater seed.

It is manufactured fear which leads us to believe,

safety and security have now taken leave.

Living in fear is how life must be.


Magnified, manipulated, and used to control

by forces not working for good of the whole.

Insidious creatures that lurk through the night,

greatly afraid of the loving light,

that will melt the illusion that might is right.


They rule by fear,

with elaborate smoke and mirrors

and take great cheer saying. ‘Love isn’t here.

Here, there's just fear!’


Oh, the unaware they think it is so,

and fall prey to more government controls.

For the creatures that rule the night,

enjoy making fear their only plight.

For within the darkness fear can grab hold,

and play with the minds of men we’ve been told.


A tangled web of deceit,

synthetic lies which are really cheap,

done in an attempt to hide truth really deep.

But no matter what they do.

The truth will always ring true.

For the root of all evil is absolutely clear.

It is built upon the fallacy,

that on Mother Earth we must live in fear.


The Casino Bankster Royale

Dang! Dang! Doko! Dang!*

Welcome to Casino Bankster Royale.

Prepare yourself for debtor’s hell.

Vampires sucking you dry.

This Gulag Casino is a bunch of lies.

It’s all just a clever disguise.


Dang! Dang! Doko! Dang!

This sinister plot is laced with collusion.

This banking scheme just an illusion.

Wholesale robbery is the sham.

A system based on digital slide-of-hand.

Well I’ll be damned!


Dang! Dang! Doko! Dang!

This Gulag Casino needs to fold.

The banksters’ lies have gotten old.

This game has been rigged from the get-go.

Ladies and gents, prepare to hedge your bets.

These banksters are nothing but financial terrorists.


Dang! Dang! Doko! Dang!

Listen close to this final verse.

It’s time to roll out the hearse.

This banksters’ con has gone on much too long.

Let’s bury these banksters in the ground.

Liberate yourself; buy your silver in an ounce or a troy pound.


*the Shaman’s Drum

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