Steve Aplin — NCC forces pollution

National Capital Region cuts power to Occupiers

Forces use of expensive polluting gas generators

By Steve Aplin
Energy Management Consultant
17 November 2011 OTTAWA Canada — Today I interviewed some of the protesters at Occupy Ottawa. Very friendly. I asked them about the gasoline generator that is providing power to the site: couldn't they just plug into the grid?
They told me the National Capital Commission (NCC), which owns Confederation Park, cut off power just a few days into the Occupation, which began October 15. Confederation Park is located across from city hall on Laurier Avenue at Elgin Street.
Right now, by my calculation, it's costing the protesters about 88 cents to generate a kWh of power with gasoline. (I've assumed a price of $1.18 per litre.)
Ontario grid electricity costs about 12 cents per kWh, if you just divide the amount owing on you bill by the number of kWhs you used in the billing period.
And of course the environmental benefits of grid power over gasoline-generated power are undeniable: 144 grams of CO2 per kWh for the grid; 1,700 for gasoline.
It would be great if somebody could round up some battery-powered uninterruptible power supply units, and extra (chargeable) batteries, so as to provide them with clean, cheap Ontario grid power.
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