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When things go wrong, don’t despair!

What if love was a skill you could strengthen and master?

True North Perspective
Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is the author of The Neglected Garden and two French novels. Visit her website to learn more

Your mind may be elsewhere right now! You may be worried about a possible nuclear meltdown following the 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami that is causing a nuclear nightmare in Japan. And to top this, the 4.6 tremor felt in this area on Wednesday may have reminded you that no one is safe when Mother Nature unleashes its fury. The world has witnessed many disasters in the past year or so. The earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and New Zealand are still fresh in our collective memories.
I feel it would be a shame to plunge into the biblical, apocalyptic vortex of terror and see all this as the beginning of the end for humankind and our planet. I believe there are already too many unhappy people in this stressed-out world to begin with. What if we could brace ourselves, psychologically? What if could muster the spiritual fortitude to trust in life and be happy?
In an article for Zoomer Magazine, Charlotte Bumstead introduced the Peak Achievement Trainer which measures an individual’s happiness and then offers a clear indicator for means to improve, revamp and condition the power of your brain. The device is a wireless brainwave analyzer (a bulky Velcro-band sensor that straps across your head) designed to evaluate your brainwaves and display the results directly on your computer. The feedback allows you to view and monitor changes in your moods and emotions. From there, you can train yourself to feel happier by examining the graphs, moving forward and making the necessary changes that will impact your life in a positive way.
Finally people could stop blaming others and circumstances beyond their control for their unhappiness and they could start working on themselves in earnest. Dr. Jonathan Cowan, CEO of Peak Achievement Training, explains: “Studies of the brain have led to remarkable new insights about the relationships among pleasure, learning and motivation. We are now able to show that there is a Pleasure Center in the middle of the very front of the brain – the Medial Prefrontal Cortex. The brain’s system for learning about new discoveries (which we call Neureka!) is mediated by high frequency (gamma) brainwaves. These interact with the Prefrontal Pleasure Center to enhance the memory of important pleasant events.”
For those who unconsciously choose to remain stuck in negative situations: unsatisfying relationships, unfulfilling careers, debt, poverty, alcoholism, poor health… this offers the possibility of measuring these Neureka brainwaves and proposes an opportunity to increase the brainwave pattern, and increase one’s happiness. Studies have shown that individuals who are feeling enhanced emotions of love, happiness and gratitude reflect stronger Neureka brainwaves. So you can improve your “love” skills! You can take control of your own happiness! You can stop acting like a powerless child who goes through life giving his power away and you can become what you dreamed of. Overcoming fear, struggles, rage, feelings of abandonment, inadequacy… and moving on to overall health, harmony, fulfillment and love seem possible in this light. As Dr. Cowan says, “We learn better when we are happy. Our quality of life is greater.”
According to Peak Achievement, you can train your mind to respond to new discoveries and insights and by training your mind to recognize this, you will: increase your memory and learning ability, increase your awareness and clarity, improve your ability to truly understand a topic or situation, find results in a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, gratitude and perhaps bliss.
Can you hold that vision? Do you believe in bliss? I do! Lately, I have rediscovered the joy of dancing. Line dancing doesn’t cut it! It feels like exercise to me and although I recognize that it offers an opportunity to dance even if you don’t have a dance partner, to me it falls short of dancing with a partner. Dancing is a very sensuous, very interactive, interpersonal experience. I can’t tell you how happy I feel when I dance. I forget the fatigue, the age-related aches and pains, the responsibilities that sometimes weigh me down. I am as light as a bird and in harmony with the world. I live the moment with passion!
Wayne Dyer explains passion as the inner excitement of being on the right path, doing what feels good to you and what you know you were meant to do. I have a little sign in my living-room that says, “I hope you dance!” I once gave it to someone who gave it back. I guess that sign was meant for me after all. Dancing translates into enthusiasm which in Greek signifies “God in us”. Like Zorba the Greek, I strive to experience bliss.
JD Starman of Peak Achievement says, “ In just a year or two, people will be sitting on the subway on their way to work, training themselves to be more loving with their cell phone or tablet PC. If they had a hard day, they can neutralize those feelings and substitute happy ones while they are on their way home to see the people they love. Their lives will be a lot more pleasant with this new capability, and these positive feelings are catching, person to person. This discovery could really bring more love to the world.”
But you don’t need to wait till the Peak Achievement Trainer goes on sale. You can start now to monitor your feelings by allowing health, happiness and success to flow into your life, by living passionately and by being compassionate. And then, you can live like Zorba the Greek, alive and blissful every day, no matter what!
P.S. According to the Centre for the Study of Living Standards, Ottawa-Gatineau is the 15th happiest city in the whole country. Now, doesn’t that give a lot of us a head start?
Blessings to all and “May you dance”!