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True North Perspective
Vol. 7, No. 05 (308)
Friday 17 February 2012
Editor's Notes
Lies … lies … and more lies
The attack dogs (aka mainstream media) of the Washington war machine would have us believe that the violence in Syria is widespread. In fact the sounds of war may be heard in only three locations, the rebel strongholds of Homs, Hama, and Daraa. The rest of the country is relatively peaceful.
There is a great hue and cry by the so-called oppositionists about government atrocities. One of the silliest pieces of nonsense is the allegation that a government officer shot and killed an eight year old girl saying that he didn't want her to grow up to be an opposition activist.
This kind of accusation is well on the way to matching the whopper that gave the US and NATO the leverage to open the door to saturation bombing of Libya. The lie was that Gadhaffi's air force had attacked rebel Benghazi and killed 6,000 innocent civilians.
It was later proven that such an attack had never taken place. There were no 6,000 civilians, innocent or otherwise, who had been killed in such an attack. But gleefully grasping this falsehood the warmakers plunged on and conned the UN into allowing what amounted to a license to kill. And kill they did as NATO, including the US, moved from clearing a no-fly zone to providing a deadly air machine of planes and rockets that took only four days to ground Gadhaff's air force and neutralize his air defenses. And then proceeded to pulverize loyalist ground troops.
It is this same strategy that is being worked against Syria. War by increments. First character assassination to create the false impression that the target is a psychopathic madman thereby allowing for a creeping escalation of violence all in the name of freedom and humanitarianism.
This mock horror at Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad "butchering and murdering his own people" as British Prime Minister David Cameron so hysterically and dishonestly put it, is part of the campaign of character assassination.
Any government has a right to defend itself against non-electoral overthrow. Look at what happened in Canada in 1970 when a small group of separatist fanatics who, against a background of a few tiny bombs, went into the business of kidnapping.
The Liberal government at Ottawa sent in the army and occupied Quebec. Armed soldiers were seen everywhere. There was no shooting because the tiny group of adults with crippled adolescent minds were too busy hiding and were not prepared for armed conflict anyway.
The point is that Quebec was occupied at military gun point and if there had been shooting by the FLQ you can be sure that Canadian government forces would have shot back until the separatists had been silenced.
When challenged as to how far he would go, then Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau said, "Just watch me."
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad probably has the same thing in mind. His regime is being attacked by religious fanatics armed and financed directly and indirectly by American money as Washington continues to exercise its fantasy of world domination.
Keep in mind that, as we have underlined before, the US spent more than one billion dollars to exercise its Libyan franchise under a barrage of hypocritical cries of freedom and humanitarianism.
Syria has been on the US list of countries to be conquered for more than a decade. The attempt is well on its way but Syria is proving a harder nut to crack than expected.
That this drive for world domination is proving a failure may be seen by the fact that each "conquered" country lands in the hands of the Muslim "enemy."
Even in Afghanistan, attacked by a coalition led by the US in 2001, the exhausted and failed US military machine is suing for peace with the avowed enemy, the Taliban. Most humiliating for the Americans is that they pay tens of millions of dollars to the Taliban (their enemy, please note) so that the latter will allow US military supply convoys to travel safely.
The Americans are desperately trying to buy their way out so that can exit with some dignity. But the Taliban are reluctant to deal. Sooner or later, they know that the Americans will have no choice but to leave.
Some way to run a war.
And now we have the spectacle of Cameron, Sarkozy, and that example of angelic womanhood Hilary Clinton in a duet with her eunuch Obama, all clucking about what a dirty rotten rat al-Bashar is as they secretly finance and arm the Syrian opposition that includes al-Qaeda, of all people.
Liars and nogoodniks, all of them. Despite their crocodile tears lamenting the lack of freedom in their target countries they don't reveal any serious concern for the people who have been and are being maimed and killed by the hundreds of thousands to satisfy their lust for power.
Please understand that I carry no torch for al-Bashar. Nor did I have any for Gadhaffi. But we're supposed to be the good guys. What was instilled in me from United Church Sunday School on was that the good guys behaved honestly and told the truth. That's all I want to see and hear. But all we get is lies … lies … and more lies.
Anyway, like the man says, it ain't over till the fat lady sings.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward,
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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