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Vol. 7, No. 20 (322)
Friday 15 June 2012
Editor's Notes
Bullying is an equal opportunity occupation
"F— you for the police. F— you for the journalist," said the mother of a 16-year-old daughter arrested today as a pimping and human trafficking suspect.
The mother was speaking with Jessica Smith of Metro News.
Jessica Smith wrote in the Weekend edition of Ottawa Metro June 15-17, 2012: "Police allege the woman's 17-year-old daughter (age later clarified by police to 16 — Editor) and two 15-year-old accomplices forced three other teen girls into prostitution. The two 15-year-olds are in custody facing numerous serious charges including assault and human trafficking.
Police among others have expressed shock and dismay that the two girls in custody would practice pimping and human trafficking.
That's because we were all brought up to believe that little girls were made up of "sugar and spice, and everything nice."
Little boys were made up of nails and snails and puppydog tails, and grew up to be unpleasant men.
Last time I saw stats in a report, I was led to believe that two-percent of males and one-percent females are born psychopaths. I've yet to read stats on the percentage of males and females who develop as sociopaths, but you can bet your baby's booties that they come in both primary genders.
Recently I witnessed on the Number One bus heading north out of Ottawa's Billings Bridge Plaza, two young women of about 18 who were using a 12-year-old male as a pack slave. He was made to stand where told in the crowded bus. He was roughly turned by the taller of the two women so that she could easily open a flap at the rear of a backpack that was made for a grown male. She opened a section. Glanced at a cell phone. Put it back. Then she roughly turned the boy around and leaned heavily on the top of the pack in an obvious show of domination.
The boy's face was frozen in what can easily be described as fearful obedience.
My impulse was to come to the boy's rescue. But the water was unfamiliar, so I applied the logic of look-before-you-leap.
I reported what to me was a clear case of bullying to Children's Aid, to the police, and to nearby Hopewell School that tenders to an age group that would include that of the boy. I described the trio as a tall (five-eight) slender blonde, a black-haired female of about five-two, who clearly enjoyed ordering the boy about. The boy had a husky build but, at about five-two, was yet to enter his adolescent growth surge. To me, they were an easily identifiable trio that went about as a group.
All three agencies, represented by women, seemed amused by my allegation that girls were bullying a boy. (Sugar and spice and everything nice.) One said, "Oh, she's probably his sister." That makes it all right?
Children's Aid said they could do nothing unless I had a name and an address. The police were mostly dismissive but did say a problem could be that the victim, out of fear of reprisal, would deny the abuse and leave the police without anything to go on. The principal was absent when I went to the school. The reaction of several women in the outer office was again, something of amusement. However, they accepted my written report.
True North Perspective has carried the occasional report of violence by pubescent girls attacking other girls. Now we have the unpleasant story of female teenage pimps and human traffickers (enslavers).
I must say I'm not shocked by the exposure. The moral fibre of North America has been substantially weakened during the past 50 years because of the commercialization of morality. Moronic sitcoms are bad enough but in the name of free speech the internet has become inundated with brutality, especially on sex links.
The fact that the brutality is so easily accessible on the internet gives it a sense of legitimacy in uncritical minds that have been abandoned by church and state and parents, of whom all too many of the latter are afraid of their own children.
So we have succeeding generations being brainwashed to accept greed and raw power as the norm. Faintly beating in a fading background are concepts of fair play, kindness, and constructive intellectual pursuit.
There is an ugly evolution that is in play that can only backfire on the kind of land that most of us heard of, once in a lullaby.
Finally, for the moment, finding amusement in females bullying males (for a welcome change, some would say) can only have long-range negative results.
When I was seven years old, there was a mother and a daughter living around the corner, who treated a set of twin boys like slaves.
The last time I heard of them, one of the boys, a grown man now, had killed his mother.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
Looking forward
Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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