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From the Desk of Shannon Lee Mannion, Contributing Editor

Addressing the politics of Women's Rights

New Women's Party would redefine

the political process for all Canadians

By Pauleanna Reid
Left, WAP/PAF founder and leader, Esther Matharu, and founder/party member, Shannon Lee Mannion. Photo by Krishen Matharu.

From unequal salaries to a poor national childcare policy, there isn't a lot being done for women in Canada, and many organizations that served women have been demolished. Perhaps it's time for political reform.

In January 2011 two Ottawa women, Esther Matharu and Shannon Lee Mannion formed the Women's Alliance Party/Parti alliance femmes (WAP/PAF). Although WAP/PAF was founded by women for women, Mannion, spokesperson and co-founder, clarifies that involvement in the party is not exclusive to women. She explains that men are welcome to participate, however, WAP/PAF's main focus remains the lack of concern for women's issues. "Someone needs to stand up and say, you know what, there's a problem here," says Mannion, whose proactive voice sheds light onto key issues that have been over-looked.

The Women's Alliance Party is dedicated to rebuilding our nation by encouraging pubic engagement and changing traditional government policies that neglect women and some minority groups.

Dealing with the issues

The Women's Alliance Party understands what's important to Canadians and strives towards showcasing awareness on various concerns such as child care rights, election reforms, regional government and planning, national security, and youth and development. Still, appealing mostly to women, WAP prides itself on being a party that deals with issues that are strategically driven, not by popular endorsement but by the principal that "all citizens matter."

Knowledge is power

Mannion and Matharu place high value on educating not only women but young people and non-voters. While speaking at various institutions, as demonstrated by their recent trip to the University of Ottawa, WAP/PAF strives to motivate young adults to exercise their democratic rights and duties. "It's not about guessing when you get to the ballot box, it's about making an informed choice. You have to become educated. Only 40 per cent of the population voted in the current government and this just isn't acceptable," affirms Mannion.

Getting involved

She goes on to mention that there are many ways to become politically active and being proactive in local communities is an important stepping stone towards inducing change.

While at the University of Ottawa, the founding members were overwhelmed by the positive response in everyone signing the government declaration form, bringing them that much closer to their 250 signature goal needed for official party status. By building awareness and redefining the future of our nation, the Women's Alliance Party/Parti alliance femmes is not only standing up for women but they are standing up for all Canadians.

For information on WAP/PAF party platform, to download the government registration form and/or party membership form, or to read what others are saying about this new party, please go to:

This article is reprinted with permission from the Mediaplanet supplement in the National Post, June 2011


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