Enough of these Election Polls

By Frances Sedgwick
True North Perspective
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We can make our own decisions without being influenced by polls.

Do we have to have updated polls every day on who is leading in the opinion of a selected few who may or may not give their real preference?

I, for one, am fed up with these election polls.

I think polls during election campaigns should be abolished.

We should be able to make up our minds as to what candidate we are voting for by their performances in parliament, in their riding, and yes, in their neighbourhoods. By how they kept the promises they are throwing around now.

If not yet an elected politician then the candidate should be judged on their involvement and achievements in their local.

Why do we need to be manipulated by these polls seeing who is ahead to make voting decisions?

I had a very disheartening experience today talking with a employee in my husbands' nursing home.

We were in the family room and I put the question to several there if they heard the leadership debate and if they were voting.

One young woman responded, "When my voting card  came in the mail I ripped it up and my son said Mommy what are you doing?  She told him Harper is 10 points ahead in the polls so it is hopeless. I am not voting."

I pleaded with her to vote. At least you can say you tried. 

I mentioned how it took a long time for women to get the right to vote. Please, please use it.

She looked at me and seemed to be sympathetic. We will see.

How will things ever change if some voters, not wanting to be backing a 'loser', do not vote for what they want but vote for what 'appears' to be a winner. Or, worst case scenario, don't vote!

Polls can be manipulated and so can voters.

I remember the old saying "figures don't lie, but liars figure". With Harper, lying is a given with or without figures.

Very few of the issues discussed in Tuesday night's leadership debate were relevant to people in my Parkdale neighbourhood. 

Here rents are so high even some middle income residents are forced to go to food banks because their rent 'gobbles' up such a high percentage of their income.

Isn't a National Housing Policy a campaign issue?  Isn't a national day care plan, promised over and over again a key to helping working families? The billion dollars spent on the G20 'fiasco' could cover a big chunk of the cost of these necessities.

My advice is don't listen to the polls vote for you, for what you need and want.

One thing is clear, defeating the "Harper Government" should be a priority.  Judging from his record, not from his standing in the polls.

My Parkdale

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