Editor's Notes Friday 14 October 2011


True North Perspective
Vol. 6, No. 33 (292)
Friday, 14 October, 2011

Editor's Notes

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing!

Led astray by Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, (before he won the prize), the youth of the world, supported in growing numbers by those of all ages, are now taking their destiny into their own hands.

World wide those weary of war and mounting economic crises turned an eager ear to he who came on like a messiah and roared with him, Yes We Can!

And when he took the helm in Washington he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. And the world waited.

And waited. 

Waited with growing dismay and impatience as their messiah failed them. The best he could do was produce a water-thin health bill against the sound of war rising in accelerando. Faced with the economic mess of George W. Bush he fell into the Bush game and the fulfillment of a disturbed adolescent's dream of world conquest. 

More wars, record more money to pay for wars. The American, British, and European economies teetering like drunks on a high wire. And all the faithful can see is that they're getting qualitatively and exponentially more of the same.

The youth who had given Obama so much of their trust have finally accepted what has become all too transparent, No He Can't! or Won't!

And so they are acting in new found faith in themselves. They are taking to the streets in growing numbers by the thousands against the criminal greed that is destroying their present and putting all their dreams in jeopardy.

Support is growing from the proverbial all walks of life and all ages. By use of peaceful civil disobedience they can become truly the makers of their own reality and break the control of those subsumed by greed and the lust for war. And everywhere the world will sing freedom's song.

More power to them.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward.

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective


So true, Carl. Our great hope in Obama was dashed when we saw that the former community organizer stacked his treasury dept. with people from Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. He was a sell-out; perhaps no one can rise to president without being co-opted, but I would have respected Obama more if he had decided to be a one-term president -- not to have cared about special interests and to have voted with his heart. Instead, he gave us more of the same.

And the anti-Wall Street movement is not just about the US; it's global, in at least 80 countries. Corporate greed is a cancer enveloping nation after nation. Let's see if North America can have our own Arab Spring.

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