Muslim Anti-Semitism

The Sons of Pigs and Apes

'Muslim Anti-Semitism and the Conspiracy of Silence'

By Mel Massey
True North Humanist Perspective

OTTAWA Canada — On Wednesday, April 10, 2013, at Library and Archives Canada, Neil Kressel PhD, Director of the Honors Program in the Social Sciences at William Paterson University in New Jersey, USA, discussed his new book on anti-Semitism in the Muslim world*.

His view is that the surge in the depth and virulence of Jew hatred is a real and growing menace to civilization. It creates the charged atmosphere in which bloody conflicts, genocide and inhumanity flourish. Moreover, obsessive anti-Semitism comes to see Jews as responsible for anything the Jew haters deem evil and ugly, everything from 9/11 to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Incredibly, one Islamist theorized that the cartoon Tom and Jerry was created by “the Jewish Walt Disney company” (Kressel’s book, p.43) to change European perception of mice (dirty, clever hoarders) which are equated with Jews.

Kressel said that societies where Jews are hated overtly with the approval of religious, political and academic establishments, are places where women’s rights, freedom of expression, the rule of law and democracy do not flourish or even exist. Jew hatred is the canary in the coalmine that sickens when the atmosphere becomes poisonous, whether or not the other miners are aware of the growing peril. The professor notes dehumanization is the first technique employed to set peoples up for decimation/extermination; frame your enemy as animals and slaughtering them no longer poses the moral problem of murder.

The lecture systematically laid out evidence by way of specific quotations and references that the leaders of Muslim countries frequently give vent to anti-Jewish statements, a favourite being the eponymous “sons of pigs and apes”. In fact, we understand the term is so commonplace in Muslim countries to refer to Jews as to be unremarkable, reportedly on the lips of a tiny girl.

Kressel reports that this expression is based on a reference in the Quran to God having punished some Jews who broke the Sabbath rule against work by transforming them into apes and/or pigs. However, the hateful expression is a true measure of anti-Semitism in Islam. Polls of Muslim countries put the number of persons extremely hostile to Jews at 99%, in Jordan/Lebanon, 88%, in Morocco 74%, and 76% in Pakistan and Indonesia. On the other hand, 77% of Americans regard Jews favourable, only 7% unfavourable.

Kressel said the sources of anti-Semitism in Muslim countries is twofold. As stated, one source is religious interpretation skewed to serve Jew hatred. The other is imported from Europe through dissemination of and comment on the fraudulent Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Apparently, Hitler’s biography is a best seller in some Muslim countries.

However, an interesting observation was that the ‘rise’ of Jews and the creation of Israel has corresponded with the decline of countries dominated by Islam. This rise in status from tolerated second-class citizens in Muslim countries has come to preoccupy certain Muslims who vehemently reject modernity. Anti-Zionism and Jew hatred are conflated and many Muslims consider all Jews as Zionists.

The messages conveyed in the lecture are two fold. First, anti-Semitism is so rampant in Muslim countries that it is not considered aberrant or analyzed as a sociological phenomenon. Second, we in the West are not denouncing Muslim Jew hating, preferring to write it off as a product of heated passions of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This tolerance, Kressel said is most pronounced among older ‘left-wing’ academics. Unchallenged, rampant anti-Semitism may grow to provoke unchecked widespread conflict that may again threaten civilization.  

We left the lecture with the frightening prospect that there is a visible and mushrooming menace to society, of which few people are aware or take seriously. Jew hatred by Muslims is systematically played down and minimized in the West. This poses a great danger to us all, one that it we would do well to notice and reject categorically.

*The Sons of Pigs and Apes, Muslim Anti-Semitism and the conspiracy of Silence, by Neil J. Kressel. Pub. Potomac Books, 2012, ISBN 978-1-59797-702-9 (hardcover: alk. Paper), ISBN 978-1-59797-811-8 (electronic), 269 pages.