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Easter thoughts

You are the creator. This is the mystery

 “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.” Kahlil Gibran

By Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair
True North Perspective

Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is the author of The Neglected Garden and two French novels. Visit her website to learn more

A small pamphlet was left at my door on Saturday. “What is the face of your God?” was the question. Easter was a good time to ponder such a question.
When I was small, I preferred the image of Baby Jesus in his mother’s arms… that tiny baby who was adored. Hadn’t the magi come from afar to honour him and bring precious gifts just as the simple shepherds had? Hadn’t they seen in him a future saviour and king? As I grew up, it was the image of Jesus, the crucified, that was offered. And the clergy hammered into our heads that he had suffered and died on the cross because of our sins (yours and mine). That image of torture and cruelty frightened and bewildered me; I could not believe I was responsible for his death. What had I done? I prayed fervently, still preferring the image of Mary, Mother of God.
Many of the teachings of the Church, like their obsession with sin and God’s wrath, were beyond my understanding and so it was that as a young teacher, I decided to read the New Testament. It was then I discovered Jesus the teacher, Jesus the healer, the man who welcomed everyone without prejudice, the one who spoke of a loving Father: the Creator of all things. This made much more sense to me. I gradually stopped going to church, except for special occasions, recognizing the need for ceremonies to celebrate certain passages of life. Practicing my faith became a more private, yet more universal affair. Honouring Jesus’ teachings became a way of life and a quest.
I would not be bound by one version of faith though and so it was that my readings led me to discover many wise spiritual guides of different faiths whose messages transcended cultures and religions. Many of them, I discovered through Wayne Dyer: Kahlil Gibran, Lao Tzu, Rumi… Others were introduced through special events in history. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr., all who had a huge impact on the world. And in the case of the Dalai Lama, he continues to spread the good word such as in this quote:
“By bringing about a change in our outlook towards things and events, all phenomena can become a source of happiness.”
Isn’t that the truth? But we humans have a tendency to follow EGO instead as Wayne Dyer often warns us and that usually spells trouble.
Wayne Dyer, in his new book Wishes Fulfilled which I am reading at the moment, brings forward the notion that God is in you and therefore, “YOU ARE GOD!” Dyer quotes Neville’s last chapter from his book The Power of Awareness: You are the “I AM THAT I AM”. You are consciousness. You are the creator. This is the mystery, this is the great secret known by the seers, prophets and mystics throughout the ages. This is the truth that you can never know intellectually… The important thing is that it is within you, it is you, it is your world.
Neville concludes: “The knowledge that your creator is the very self of yourself and never would have created you had he not loved you must fill your heart with devotion, yes with adoration… It is when your feeling of reverence is most intense that you are closest to God, and when you are closest to God, your life is richest.
This is not what we have been taught and as a result we have often struggled with our selves and felt powerless.
With this fresh perspective you gain an “inner security”, the feeling that miracles are a part of your life. David Warren’s article, in the Sunday Citizen, talks about miracles. He says, “I have watched a host of sparrows pass through a hedge, as if it weren’t there; their flight neither broken nor slowed; each sparrow through a different hole in the fabric of leaves, retaining formation on the other side… It was a miracle of synchronization, and a gratuitous act of joy. Nature is full of such miracles, such transformations that cannot be explained. The dull lie of “natural selection”… is contradicted in every moment of actual experience. And in the miracle of consciousness itself, we can know the immanence and transcendence of our God.”
This is the God I believe in! This is the God I honour in all of his creatures, you and me included. Sunday morning, I shared breakfast with the clan and some friends. I sat with the children and marveled at their joie de vivre. I felt the anticipation of the upcoming traditional egg hunt. Each child was handed a basket and informed of the specific colour of the eggs meant for him or her. Even one-year old Jessie had a basket! She loves the outdoors and you could see and feel her happiness. I have always associated eggs with rebirth, with resurrection and as the children laughed and hunted for their eggs, I watched little Jessie pick up a colourful plastic egg and open it. There were chocolate Fruit Loops in hers and she joyfully munched on her treat. Around us, chickadees sang their sweet song and a flicker could be heard around the property. The sun was warm; everyone was happy! It was a spiritual moment for me as I walked about and enjoyed Nature’s glorious cathedral with its clear blue ceiling.
Don had a similar experience, enjoying a weekend get-together with his family in Bowmanville. As he was driving back to Ottawa, the song “Love will keep us alive” by the Eagles brought a tear to his eyes as he realized that our primary purpose in life is to love and be loved. The rest doesn’t matter that much.
I also have a favourite song that constantly comes to mind. It’s “I won’t give up on us” by Jason MRaz. I love it! “Even if the skies get rough… I won’t give up on us… God knows we’re worth it!”
Blessings to all!
May you live your life to the fullest, knowing that God is within you!

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