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Vol. 8, No. 7 (335)
Friday 12 April 2013
Editor's Notes
Prominent macroeconomist Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research found The New Yorker’s factual contention and subsequent unresponsiveness astonishing: “This is pretty outrageous,” he wrote by email. “Do they have any data to support their assertion, or is the argument that because they don’t like Chávez they can say anything they want about him?”

Venezuelans vote for a new president April 14 against a background

of lies bordering on hysterical by local and foreign mainstream media

Corporate media darling: Venezuela's Henrique Capriles on the campaign trail.

The degree of dishonesty at large throughout the world's mainstream media today is appalling. And that includes the so-called liberal media and writers like the late Christopher Hitchens.

On a visit to Venezuela Hitchens responded with the kind of shriek one would expect from someone who had just realized that his god had failed. In one piece I read recently he sounded like he had been personally offended by Hugo Chavez when, in fact, Chavez had allowed Hitchens and two other foreign journalists to accompany him on a brief tour of Venezuela.
Instead of remarking on the excellent health and education systems that were in a high state of development, or about the massive new housing program that was providing both shelter and jobs for millions, Hitchens harped hysterically on what he perceived to be one of Chavez's personal failings. As if Hitchens was without fault and could cast as many stones as pleased him.
There seems to be something about the success of the underdogs that prompts venomous responses even among those who, one would think, should wax positively about victories over adversities, warts and all. They seem to suffer from an acute anal need for perfection.
One can understand those journalists who are chained to their corporate masters fulminating against successes won by the scorned. It's a way for the fulminators to wash their hands in dirty water and still be able to convince themselves that they are clean. Besides the pay they receive is good, at least good enough to provide themselves with a style of living that seems sufficiently secure, away and above the unwashed.
But enough. To see first hand how the news is being distorted to control your sense of what's happening in the world click here and here.
Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.
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