Friday 11 March 2011

Insurrection and military intervention: 

The US-NATO attempted coup d'Etat in Libya

planned under cloak of 'humanitarian grounds'

Libyans on both sides, thinking of Iraq and Afghanistan, say 'no thanks'

'The broad strategic objectives underlying the proposed invasion are not mentioned by the media. Following a deceitful media campaign, where news was literally fabricated without reporting on what was actually happening on the ground, a large sector of international public opinion has granted its unbending support to foreign intervention, on humanitarian grounds.'

By Professor Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

Part I of a two part article. 

Part II "Operation Libya" and the Battle for Oil

07 MARCH 2011 —  The US and NATO are supporting an armed insurrection in Eastern Libya, with a view to justifying a "humanitarian intervention".

This is not a non-violent protest movement as in Egypt and Tunisia. Conditions in Libya are fundamentally different. The armed insurgency in Eastern Libya is directly supported by foreign powers. Of significance: the insurrection in Benghazi immediately hoisted the red, black and green banner with the crescent and star: the flag of the monarchy of King Idris, which symbolized the rule of the former colonial powers. (See  Manlio Dinucci, Libya-When historical memory is erased, Global Research, Febraury 28, 2011)

US and NATO military advisers and special forces are already on the ground. The operation was planned to coincide with the protest movement in neighbouring Arab countries. Public opinion was led to believe that the protest movement had spread spontaneously from Tunisia and Egypt to Libya. The Obama administration in consultation with its allies is assisting an armed rebellion, namely an attempted coup d'Etat: — 1,926 words.

Obama betrays Britain by handing nuclear secrets

to Russians as part of START bargaining: WikiLeaks

Roberts is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
09 February 2011 LONDON A new WikiLeaks cable suggests that the Obama administration handed over British nuclear weapons secrets to the Russians. Andrew Roberts denounces this dangerous betrayal of Britain and America’s special relationship.
The reports that the Obama administration has told the Russians certain British nuclear secrets in order to secure a New START promotes him from being a mere irritant for the Special Relationship to a downright menace. It is bad enough the president arrogating to himself the decision as to who should rule in Egypt, but it is completely unacceptable for him to undermine the whole basis of the British nuclear deterrent, which has always been to keep the Russians guessing about how many warheads the United Kingdom has. — 990 words.

Lies by Fox News keep them out of Canada

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Reader Supported News

01 March 2011 WASHINGTON DC — As America's middle class battles for its survival on the Wisconsin barricades — against various Koch Oil surrogates and the corporate toadies at Fox News — fans of enlightenment, democracy and justice can take comfort from a significant victory north of the Wisconsin border.

Fox News will not be moving into Canada after all! The reason: Canadian regulators announced last week they would reject efforts by Canada's right-wing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to repeal a law that forbids lying on broadcast news. — 416 words.

Wisdom is a result of a happy marriage between intelligence and experience.
© Carl Dow, Editor and Publisher, True North Perspective
Editor's Notes
True North Perspective
Vol. 6, No. 9 (267)
Friday, March 11, 2011

Guest Editorial

NDP not holding its breath

waiting for Harper's phone call

National Columnist
The Toronto Star

Now that Commons Speaker Peter Milliken has found the Conservatives guilty of contempt of Parliament, all roads in the House of Commons seem to lead to a spring federal election.

To understand why, consider the following: If the Prime Minister wants to extend the life of his minority regime beyond this month’s make-or-break budget, his best and likely only option is to throw himself at the mercy of the NDP.

As Stephen Harper knows, Jack Layton and his party have overlooked ethical transgressions on the part of a governing party in the past . . . but only for a policy price.630 words.

Our readers write
Re Arts Night, an evening to remember by Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair
What a beautiful description you provided of Arts Night at the First Unitarian Church! I almost felt as though I had been there. Fascinating! Yes, those people are cultured. I'm sure they really enjoyed hearing you talk! And it was very thoughtful of you to post their social calendar. Sigrid Macdonald, Ottawa, Ont.

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Seaway opening overshadowed

By Alex Binkley
True North Perspective

11 March 2011 — The St. Lawrence Seaway accomplished a remarkable turnaround in 2010 and is hoping to perform even better this year as the North American economy recovers.
It wanted to start the 2011 navigation season with a splash so it picked March 22, an earlier than usual opening.
Then Finance Minister Jim Flaherty picked March 22 for his 2011 budget. As a possible trigger to a federal election, the budget will dominate the news that day. The Seaway opening might get mentioned in passing.  —752 words.
"News is what (certain) people want to keep hidden. Everything else is just publicity."
-- PBS journalist Bill Moyers.
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From the Desk of Dennis Carr, Sustainability Editor

Report cites insect-trapping plants in Kenya and Bangladesh's use of ducks in paddy fields, and resulting rise in crop yields
8 March 2011 — A move by farmers in developing countries to ecological agriculture, away from chemical fertilisers and pesticides, could double food production within a decade, a UN report says.

Insect-trapping plants in Kenya and ducks eating weeds in Bangladesh's rice paddies are among examples of recommendations for feeding the world's 7 million people, which the UN says will become about 9 billion by 2050.

"Agriculture is at a crossroads," says the study by Olivier de Schutter, the UN special reporter on the right to food, in a drive to depress record food prices and avoid the costly oil-dependent model of industrial farming.545 words.

Bits and Bites of Everyday Life

International Women's Day at Sarsfield

“We inherit from our ancestors gifts so often taken for granted. Each of us contains within us this inheritance of the soul. We are links between the ages, containing past and present expectations, sacred memories and future promise.” (Edward Sellner)
True North Perspective
Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is the author of The Neglected Garden and two French novels. Visit her website to learn more
11 March 2011 — These words from Edward Sellner could not have been more appropriate in light of this year’s March 8th celebration of International Women’s Day at Place Sarsfield as they also celebrated the 125th anniversary of Sarsfield’s Saint-Hugues parish. Organizers wanted to honour some of the region’s fabulous women as well as remind us of women who were at the forefront of Canadian history. A quiz was used to test our knowledge of history reminding us, for example, that Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian woman to become an astronaut, Kim Campbell was our first woman Prime Minister, Jeanne Sauvé was our first female Govenor General and Cairine Wilson, the first woman to be nominated to the Canadian Senate in 1931.1,348  words.

Spirit Quest

Attack ad on attack ads

By The Rev. Dr. Hanns F. Skoutajan
True North Perspective

11 March 2011 — Attack Ads on Attack Ads: it is to me the most responsible of all political electioneering at this time, even if an election writ has not yet  been dropped.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May has called for an end to this kind of negative election advertising. Rather than dealing with issues, parties, and particularly the Conservative Party, have resorted to efforts to descredit candidates rather than dealing with party platforms.
If indeed Canadian voters are susceptible to that kind of political tactic then I fear for this country’s future and for democracy. In two world wars Canadian men and women have gone abroad to fight for democracy and against demagogues and their dictatorships. Are we willing to belittle their sacrifices? Are we willing to surrender to despotism of whatever stripe?957 words.

In praise of seniors

Don't sit home and complain, come out and share
By Frances Sedgwick
True North Perspective

Frances Sedgwick's keen eye and ear for the human condition reveals the heart and soul of Parkdale in southwest Toronto, one of the country's most turbulent urban areas where the best traditions of human kindness prevail against powerful forces that would grind them down. True North Perspective proudly presents a column by writer Frances Sedgwick. Her critical observation combined with a tender sense of humour will provide you with something to think about ... and something to talk about.

11 March 2011 — My favourite mornings are Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I go swimming at our local community centre.
If you are ever feeling low just shove yourself out that door and join your local therapy swim group.
Every time I step into the change room at our community centre I hear the sound of laughter and buzz of excitement   I can't help but catch the bug. My mind gets clear of  problems and I smile  with everyone as they exchange latest experiences. 
— 538 words.


Always worth repeating

'Give us the tools and we'll finish the job'

— Winston Churchill

Let's say that news throughout human time has been free. Take that time when Ugh Wayne went over to the cave of Mugh Payne with news that the chief of his group had broken a leg while chasing his laughing wife around the fire. That news was given freely and received as such with much knowing smiles and smirks to say nothing of grunts of approval or disapproval. — 688 words.


Star columnist Jim Travers,

'a good friend and great journalist'

Les Whittington and Bruce Campion-Smith
Ottawa Bureau
The Toronto Star

03 March OTTAWA—James Travers, an award-winning national columnist and former executive managing editor for the Toronto Star, has died.

Travers, 62, died from complications following surgery on his spleen.

“Jim was a first-rate friend of many years and a journalist I enormously admired,” said Starpublisher John Cruickshank.

Irreverent, passionate and with a sense of humour worthy of a comedy star, Travers was a larger-than-life figure who excelled as a foreign correspondent, editor and columnist.

Travers, known universally as Jim, rose to become one of the country’s most respected media voices during nearly 40 years at the forefront of Canadian journalism.

A national affairs columnist in Ottawa for the Starsince 1999, his career was capped last year when he won a National Newspaper Award for political writing. .

“We were all hugely proud of his National Newspaper Award last year. It gave him the recognition his body of work deserved,” said Cruickshank.

Travers joined the Starin 1997 and led the newspaper for two years until he returned to political writing in the paper’s Ottawa bureau. — 1,640 words.

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The other half of the Motorcycle Diaries

Alberto Granado obituary

Travelling companion of Che Guevara during their trip around Latin America in 1951-52

Alberto Granado Jiménez, scientist, born 8 August 1922; died 5 March 2011

By Richard Gott                       

Alberto Granado was taken on as an adviser by Walter Salles, the director of the 2004 film The Motorcycle Diaries, based on his and Guervara's journey. Photograph: Photos 12/Alamy

07 March 2011 HAVANA Alberto Granado, who has died aged 88, was a biochemist from Argentina whose name became indelibly associated with that of Che Guevara, his revolutionary friend and former travelling companion. Their travels together through Latin America in the early 1950s were given fresh currency more than half a century later in Walter Salles's popular film, The Motorcycle Diaries (2004). Both men wrote diaries of their journey that fed into the creation of the myths associated with Guevara's life and death.
Granado was born in the Argentinian province of Córdoba, the son of an impoverished Spanish immigrant and trade unionist who worked on the railways. He became friendly with the teenage Guevara largely because Alberto's younger brother, Tomás, was at school in Córdoba with the future revolutionary; Guevara was soon enrolled in a rugby team that Alberto had organised. 1.178 words.

of Posada Carriles, former CIA asset

By José Pertierra

08 March 2011 EL PASO Texas — Through the powerful testimony of the Cuban forensic pathologist, Yleana Vizcaíno Dimé, the prosecution proved to the jury—today—that the death in Havana of Fabio Di Celmo on September 4, 1997 was a homicide.

Dr. Vizcaíno testified in El Paso that Fabio Di Celmo died from "a mortal wound that necessarily caused massive hemorrhaging that was impossible to stop." The defense counsel could not impeach her testimony. Consequently, her sworn statements stand as irrefutable evidence in the trial against Luis Posada Carriles. 2,726 words.


By Tamara Pearson
O8 March 2011 MERIDA, VenezuelaA U.S. diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks and published yesterday reveals the U.S.’s fear over the consolidation of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) and Venezuela’s entry to the organisation. The cable also argues that the U.S. needs more resources to counter what it sees as Chavez’s efforts to assume greater “dominion” over Latin America at the expense of U.S. leadership and interests. 976 words.
From the Desk of Darren Jerome, Ottawa, Canada

Latin American women make electoral headway

as Laura Chinchilla is voted Costa Rica President

By Danilo Valladares
Inter Press Service
05 MARCH 2011 GUATEMALA CITY The victory of Laura Chinchilla in Costa Rica's presidential elections, and the growing participation of women in Central American parliaments, point to their progress in the region's spheres of political power.
"The election of a woman president in Costa Rica is a step forward for women in the region's political arena, and a qualitative advance in terms of political democratisation," political analyst José Dávila Membreño told IPS.
Chinchilla, of the governing National Liberation Party (PLN), became the third woman president to be democratically elected in Central America, after Presidents Mireya Moscoso in Panama (1999-2004) and Violeta Chamorro in Nicaragua (1990-1997).
"Women have been discriminated against, with a view that they should stay at home and that they are not fit for public responsibilities. But this attitude is gradually being overcome, because women have shown that when they occupy public office, the quality of politics can improve," said the political scientist.1,023 words.
Reality Check
By Paul Krugman
New York Times
11 March 2011 — I am baffled by the argument that the United States can incur big savings by ending the war in Afghanistan and, more generally, by cutting bloated defense budgets. I’ve mostly been hearing this from liberals, and indeed this is a variation of a debate that has continued for years.

Now, I am not endorsing our current levels of defense spending. The nation’s military buildup following the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was outrageous. The United States was hit by a handful of men wielding box-cutters (or something similar — I am aware that’s not certain), and we responded by buying a lot of heavy tanks and later invading a country that had nothing to do with the attack.

So, yes, the United States spends a lot of money, unnecessarily, on defense. In fact, this is almost surely the most wasteful part of the federal budget, mainly because politicians are afraid to say no to the military for fear of being called unpatriotic. Aside from the question of whether the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are too expensive to fight — invading Afghanistan made sense in 2001, but I have no idea what we’re doing there now — it has long been clear that the United States military is still warding off threats that haven’t existed since the fall of the Soviet Union.441 words.


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