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The Angira Legacy and The Catalyst,

Part II and III of the Angira Trilogy

by Kevin Dooley

True North Perspective will feature a book by a Canadian writer each Friday or, as often as we can. The presentation will not be a review. It will include a profile of the author and information about the product of the author's literary labours. Today we present The Angira Legacy and The Catalyst, by Kevin Dooley. — Geoffrey Dow, Managing Editor.

The Angira Legacy and The Catalyste
By Kevin Dooley
   Baico Books
388 pages, $22.95

Patrick McKee, young scion and rebel of a prominent Kanatian family, now finds the trust he inherits from his great-grandmother from Angira Island was fated for him. No one else could claim it. None met the special educational conditions. He now has a PhD in Psychology with expert work on war traumas and particularly on twins separated at birth or at a young age. His benefactor was such a person. Only a few minor other conditions apply. The task of erecting memorials to those named on Angira now means his engagement there. Patrick is now a very driven man to find her life and enter the huge dynamics and complex elements now unfolding on Angira. For it is a momentous moment in the Island's history and heritage, and of its neighbour Hibernia.  

The Island, situated off the southwest coast of Hibernia out in the wide ocean there, has been long neglected, its mines closed and the people all but scattered all over the mining worlds. But now it is of vital interest again to oligarchies in several critical ways. A new and massive reconstruction is underway in Europe, with the formation of the United States of Europe (USE), with the Federated Britannia Isles (FBI) a key part of it. The USE now includes the former USSR in it. The days of the USA (America) as the world power are numbered. The USE forges ahead on its space program and the critical, exotic metal ore needed, and not in USA control, has been found on Angira Island. The Island now also features as a forward submarine and missile base. It has, under it, huge caverns and caves. An alternative banking and secured vault system is proposed in this underground. A plebiscite is set up in Hibernia, now into its wolf economy, to ensure all the facades of democracy are met in these new transitions.

The remaining Angirans live under ancient traditions in a unique Island Trust, and this is now an obstacle. The USE/FBI moves against the Islanders, and now includes the covert and the foul led by the last of the oligarchical Angira lords. Patrick now finds the worlds of his grandmother coming to his aid as he leads the opposition. And her world was one of the deep coverts, including old Red sleepers now in all-powerful positions in the new USE. Patrick now draws on his own covert Red connections. The work now of derailing the USE/FBI agenda goes on and into it are drawn the women of the Island and the broader Angira diaspora. For here, ancient knowledge and power exists, held by the women. The elderly matriarchs of the Island have engaged with Patrick. His great-grandmother was one of them. A massive sting operation is set up, successful in at least stalling the USE and winning concessions for Hibernia that ensure its neutrality. Patrick now moves to work in his profession on Quincy Island, off Kanata's West Coast. Here is another outpost of his diaspora. 

From here Part III of the Angira Legacy “The Catalyst” unfolds.   In the third and final book, we meet the catalyst himself: a never named narrator in the first person. He is an orphan who travels the world, driven to use a charismatic power he recognizes but cannot control. Wherever he goes - Australia, prison, Africa, the sea, French Canada - he is the relentless epicenter of both local and world events. Both stories take the reader around the world with the people of the Celtic Diaspora and deep into their lives and struggles.

* * *

Michael Kevin Dooley, Irish born and bred, came to Canada in 1977 after 11 years at sea and living in Great Britain, Australia and South Africa.

A work life as a Machinist and Marine Engineer followed, including service in the Coast Guard until a work injury ended it.

Writing, long an avocation with many stories and novels written by hand, is now his vocation.

Although ending formal education at age 15, Kevin has read extensively, travelled widely and knows his way around a library. Kevin is also a fluent Gaelic speaker and a gifted musician on several world stages -- and Ottawa Valley Ceilis.

This is Dooley's third published novel. He can be contacted at and he blogs at