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In key election campaigns in the U.S, Venezuela and Brazil

bottom-liners seek control over those who put people first

Canadians are being spared a national election because the Liberal Party has the wrong man, Michael Ignatieff, as leader. Even as his name came up as a possibility True North Perspective predicted this conservative posing as a liberal just wouldn't work. So Conservative minority Prime Minister Stephen Harper continues to run things as if he had a majority.

It's hard to ignore the hot air that is being hissed in the United States by pressure groups heavily financed by narrow corporate interests that try to take advantage of the malaise, caused by the economic recession, in the mid-term elections. A vapid mainstream media provides the political right-wing shock troops known as the Tea Party with far more attention than they deserve. Please see story below.

The Tea Party pedals the lie that their country's economic problems are the fault of the Obama Democrats when the truth rests in the fact that the roots lie deep within the dishonest, to the point of criminality, Bush regime.

The Democrats are so far too passive in their response. President Obama himself has not shown the fire and thunder that he demonstrated during his election campaign. His pandering to the controlling military-industrial complex and their secret-service allies just makes this one-time hopeful shake my head in dismay.

Elections to watch

But the key elections to hang our hopes on are the one in Venezuela on Thursday, September 23, and the one in Brazil on Sunday, October 3.

Contrary to what the mainstream media would have us believe, about 95 per cent of the Venezuelan media is privately owned. It is vehemently, and freely, against President Hugo Chavez.

In a propaganda barrage in the heat of the election campaign the corporate media falsely accused Chavez of being responsible for the murder and crime rates in Caracas and the rest of Venezuela. This may be easily compared with the right wing in the U.S. blaming Obama for the economic problems that the right wing itself created.

Chavez is not responsible: he inherited this human cesspool that evolved under the criminally corrupt right wing government that he overthrew and withstood in a legitimate succession of free elections.

Please be sure to read a thorough backgrounder on the Venezuelan situation Combating the violence of poverty by U.S. lawyer Eva Golinger in this issue.

The other election that is key to our future is the battle that is underway in Brazil. Because Brazil is both an economic and ecological giant the results will have an impact on us and, without exaggeration, the rest of the world.

Please read the sober and informing analysis of current affairs in Brazil, What does South American giant want in post-Lula era? By Nikolas Kozloff, and hope the electorate there and in Venezuela ignore the lies of the self-centred, greedy, bottom-liners, and vote in their own interests — and ours.

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward.

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective

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