More Kearney and Ray puzzlers


By Mark Kearney and Randy Ray

Mark Kearney of London, Ontario and Randy Ray of Ottawa are the authors of nine books about Canada, with best-seller sales of more than 50,000. Their Web site is:

Big Book of Canadian Trivia cover


1. The Toronto Blue Jays play their home games in what used to be called the Skydome, but the building has since changed its name. What’s the stadium called now?

a) CNE Stadium  b) Rogers Centre  c) The Dome  d) Blue Jay Stadium

2.  True or false.  The name Quebec comes from an Algonquian word meaning “rocky cliffs.”

3. What southern Ontario city used to be known as Berlin before its name was changed during World War I?


1.  b) Rogers Centre.

2.  False. It means “where the river narrows.”

     3 . Kitchener.