Editor's Notes Friday 6 May 2011


Editor's Notes
True North Perspective
Vol. 6, No. 16 (275)
Friday, May 6, 2011

Even while holding him captive

the Americans feared bin Laden

Millions throughout the world were both relieved and shocked when they learned that Osoma bin Laden had been captured and assassinated.

Relieved that this much touted monster had finally been captured; shocked that he had been killed while unarmed in front of his wife and children, and without due process of law. A trial could have revealed much, perhaps more than the Americans wanted to have revealed.

The killing of bin Laden, even while disarmed and under armed guard, shows how much fear Washington had of him.

How far Washington has fallen away from the rule of law. Even the worst of Nazi criminals were given trials. Trials that helped expose their heinous crimes against humanity.

Washington's tattered credibility continues to unravel. What is it that they are trying to hide?

I don't believe the story about patiently following a courier. That stuff wouldn't do credit to even the worst of James Bond movies.

Anyone with half a brain, and a little knowledge of the situation cannot believe the Pakistan claim that they did not know that bin Laden was living in luxury less than a kilometre from the West Point of Pakistan's military, about a 40 kilometre drive from the capital city.

While it suited them, they gave bin Laden cover; when it suited them, keeping an eye on the annual $3.2 billion a year they get from Washington, they turned him over.

And the Americans moved in on bin Laden and silenced him while providing a cock-and-bull story for public consumption.

As the truth penetrates the web of lies, a dried up skeleton crumbling to dust, will remain of what was once the proud standard bearer of truth, justice, and good will to all.

God help America, it sure needs it.
Orange wave needs public support

When Michael Ignatieff announced his return to Canada and his intention to run for politics, (2006), he said it was time for Canada to rally the chiefs and Indians to save Canada from the separatists.

I was so shocked by this expression of blind political sense (the Separatist movement was already dead) that I wrote a letter to The Toronto Star warning that Ignatieff could not be the next Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau had strong political sense. Ignatieff was revealing he had none.

The Toronto Star did not publish my letter. That was one of an accumulation of reasons that prompted me to launch True North Perspective in December 2006.

While Ignatieff has been a periphery concern of True North Perspective we have from time to time warned that Ignatieff, as leader, would be a disaster for the Liberal party; as prime minister he would be a disaster for Canada.

We've said that Ignatieff and Harper were cut from the same Conservative cloth, the only difference being that Ignatieff is not a fanatic.

The Liberals, as True North Perspective, has repeated would have been wiser to stay with Stéphane Dion but the knives of the second-stringers who backed Ignatieff were slashing and Dion was given the leadership door.

By the way, on May 2, 2011, Stéphane Dion managed easily to resist the Orange Wave in his Montreal multi-ethnic riding of Saint-Laurent-Cartierville by winning 17,726 votes (43.43 per cent) against his New Democratic Party second-place rival who came in with an 11,948 total, or 29.28 per cent of the votes.

Needless to say, Ignatieff lost his seat and has resigned. Something True North Perspective has been for years urging him to do for the sake of the Liberal Party.

The Orange Wave has saved Canada from Ignatieff. While tens of thousands of Liberals who did not vote for Dion, also withheld from Ignatieff but many, seduced by Harper's politics of fear, slunk over to the Harper Conservatives giving a proven secretive paranoid and liar with stars and stripes in his eyes, a majority government of 167 seats.

With the new opposition led by Jack Layton having only 102 seats, it is incumbent on loyal Canadians to stay awake. Jack Layton will need all the public support he can get to force Harper to stay in the Canadian political centre, which is where our home and native land is proudly anchored.

When Harper moves to satisfy his ideological right wing compulsions Canadians should make their objections loud and clear with electronic, hard-copy, delegation, and demonstration campaigns, at their keyboards, on the streets, and on the Hill.

When Layton makes motions for Canada, Canadians should be there with him, making their support still louder and clearer.

If Canadians are alert and vociferous, Harper, even with his majority, will not dare betray Canada to satisfy his right wing ideology.

Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee!

Meanwhile, take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective


Carl, I always feel compelled to comment on your posts. They are so well written and argued. First, regarding bin Laden, I agree on all accounts. Pakistan must have known and perhaps even harbored him, and it's a relief that the man is no longer plotting against us, but he was executed gangster style. Hardly anyone except the ACLU could rally to support civil rights for bin Laden, but they are important if only to demonstrate that we in North America still live in a democracy and do not support waterboarding, torture in Guantánamo, or putting a gun to someone's head when it would have been just as easy to have shot him in the leg.

In terms of the NDP, it's terrific that they won so many seats but everyone I talk to says they will now have less power than before. I don't understand. In the US, where I'm from, a substantial opposition party has a lot of power, especially to block legislation.

And it was very revealing that Ignatieff lost his own seat. I won't be sorry to see him go.

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