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“Health, wealth, beauty and genius are not created: they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind- that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.” (Neville)

By Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair
True North Perspective

Alberte Villeneuve-Sinclair is the author of The Neglected Garden and two French novels. Visit her website to learn more

It’s been a difficult spring for me! I sometimes had the feeling I had very little control over the happenings of these past few months. Coping with everything that needed to be done was exhausting and at times, daunting. I’m sure many of you are nodding their head, acknowledging the familiar feeling of being overwhelmed.
So for three days, I slipped away and flew to Toronto to experience the “I Can Do It” seminars organized by Hay House. I wanted to see and hear Wayne Dyer once more, having first seen him in Toronto, in 2003 and then in Ottawa a few years later. I still carry his autograph in my purse as a special memento just as others carry a special medal of Saint Theresa or Saint Christopher tucked away in their wallet or purse.
As I rushed to make it to the airport on time on the 22nd of June, synchronicity (a collaboration with fate that seems to take place with strange and wonderful “coincidences” happening) made it possible for Don and I to catch an earlier plane which would give us more time to get settled in at the Hilton Hotel before joining our friends, Gordon and Dawn, for a celebration dinner in honour of Dawn’s 60th birthday.
I believe that wonderful things happen when you are on track and you allow your imagination to freely function. Our time with Dawn and Gordon was very enjoyable.
  Wayne Dyer

The next morning, we decided to have breakfast at Tim Hortons because there wasn’t much time left before Wayne Dyer’s seminar. As synchronicity guided our steps, we ordered breakfast just before the morning rush and walked to the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts just as the crowd lined up on the street moved inside.

Wayne Dyer talked about self-actualization and explained that self-actualizing people move through life, independent of the opinion of others. They are detached from outcome. They rely instead on purpose. They trust their dharma which is their right course of conduct… They must be what they can be! It reminded me of when I started writing. I didn’t talk about it because I didn’t want anyone polluting my mind with negative ideas like “Who does she think she is? Or, you’ll never make it as a writer!”
Self-actualizing people believe everything will come on time and they place in their imagination only what they want to manifest. Carlos Castenada puts it clearly: “In the universe there is a force called intention. It’s a field of energy.” So one needs to cleanse the field to bring life to the extraordinary, to let go of limited possibilities and believe that ordinariness is not what we were meant to be. Children, in particular, need to know this! “Who you are is a piece of God. Stay connected with the Source.”
In his latest book Wishes Fulfilled… Mastering the Art of Manifesting, Dyer speaks about the significance of using the words I am because they have the power of revealing you as a God-realized being. I am is the activity of life so choose carefully what follows these two words: I am… well! I am… fulfilled! I am happy! I am!
Wayne Dyer talked about soul. After all, he explained, we shed our body many times over: our baby and toddler body, our child and teenage body, our young adult body… but our soul remains. It expands and sometimes contracts but soul remains with us throughout our life and beyond. And the ideal of our soul is space, immensity. It needs infinity. It is miserable when it is restricted.
He also talked about compassion and forgiveness. I loved the Native American quote he used to make his point: “No tree has branches foolish enough to fight among themselves.” Yet, our modern society is full of greed, hatred and egotistical manipulations that undermine and ruin lives, families, countries… We need to be more compassionate! Today, before my friend Geneviève came over for a visit, I randomly picked a card from Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso’s “Healing Cards” purchased among the “I Can Do It” offerings. The card couldn’t have been more appropriate for this day. It said:
“Practice the healing power of a compassionate mind. Open your heart to other people without judgment, and radiate the message of delight at having them in your life.”
Geneviève and I truly value our time together because we can share new insights and look at things from a different perspective. We are truly connected!
Back to our day in Toronto! I was able to obtain a second autograph from Wayne Dyer, one I will equally cherish. At lunchtime, we randomly chose a restaurant, not knowing Wayne Dyer was at that hotel. We saw him go by twice and had the opportunity to talk with his brother who offered a touching testimonial during Wayne’s presentation.
Brian Weiss  

The second seminar would catch me unaware because I did not know Brian Weiss, a traditional psychotherapist who decided to use past-life therapy with patients who related past-life traumas that impacted their present-day life. Dr. Weiss first documented his experience as a psychiatrist and past-life healer in his book Many Lives, Many Masters and will offer a new one, Miracles Happen in October.

Dr. Weiss explained that something gets stuck in your present life that is carried over from a past life and it impacts either your physical or emotional well-being or creates relationship issues. He used some of the exceptional cases that he worked on to explain this impact. At the end of his presentation, he walked us through a regression experience, reminding us that we are “spiritual beings having a human experience”.
He first took us through a regression to the level of a childhood memory. At that moment, I became very aware of my paternal grandfather’s love and the way he watched over me. I saw him standing in the dining-room. I had just dropped my doll and it had rolled down the basement stairs. As a child, I was afraid of the dark, dank and chilly basement that had no floor, just a clay surface that would easily absorb water so we needed planks to walk on. My grandfather laughed at my fear and told me to go and get my dolly. At that moment, I felt his love and protection, but even more, his pain. I started to cry.
  Grandpa Adéas

The second part of the regression was our experience “in utero”. He asked us to identify what we felt. I felt my mother’s fear and I wanted her to let me out and trust that everything would be fine.

In the next regression, he asked us to take a look on the other side of the door to see who or what was there. I saw my grandfather’s mother. My grandfather’s dearly beloved mother had died during childbirth while grandpa worked in a lumber camp during the winter. His father had decided not to send word of his wife’s death. When grandpa came home in the spring and was told of his mother’s death, he was inconsolable. He later left home to work on the Welland Canal and start a new life. I saw that she was beautiful and didn’t want to go. She didn’t want to leave her children motherless. I somehow felt that I have carried my grandfather’s grief with me to this day. I couldn’t stop crying through this exercise and understood why I sometimes get that tight feeling in my throat. I recognized it as repressed sorrow carried over from his pain and sorrow.
Brian Weiss next asked us to look up and see the light and be immersed by it. This time, (I had experienced this before in a Reiki session), the light was violet and slowly moved in a circle. He asked us to look past the light and see what was there. I saw a bird with a powerful wing span. I couldn’t identify the bird but knew he was powerful… Afterwards, I wondered if the aboriginal ancestry in my lineage comes from my great-grandmother’s side and what I saw was my totem.
It took me a while to recover from this experience, which made it impossible for me to go on to a previous life regression. But that was fine. My experience was a powerful one and I had to sit quietly when people left the hall. Don understood and went back to the hotel alone.
After dinner, we returned to the Four Season’s Hall to hear Doreen Virtue. Doreen is a lifelong clairvoyant who works with the angelic realm. Doreen started by reassuring the audience that 2012 was not an ominous year and that the fateful date of June 4th was the start of a new era where we are now questioning everything. She mentioned that the summer solstice would offer new physical energy, thus helping people to get rid of fatigue, lack of sleep and unwanted feelings. She invited us to get in touch with our creative side which corresponds to our inner self. She talked about angels and the help they provide and affirmed that warriors of peace are needed.
That night, I fell asleep to the beautiful voice of Cecilia singing “Amazing Grace”. This song has stayed with me and will continue to assure me this is the right course of conduct.
I leave you with this quote from Doreen Virtue: “Divine love always has been, and always will be, the answer that you seek.”

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