Naked Naked Naked


Ottawa artists enter stunning work for

March art theme of Naked Naked Naked

By Shannon Lee Mannion

O4 March 2011 OTTAWA — Using the theme Naked Naked Naked, artists responded to a call for submissions to the Patrick John Mills Gallery to participate in the group show that started March 3.

A stunning array of art and an eclectic guest list made for a fabulous vernissage on Thursday, March 3, 2011, as artists and patrons, alike, rubbed shoulders with performers who entranced the audience with some old-fashioned burlesque and some performance art.

In keeping with theme-oriented shows, last month's show was Love, for instance, and next month's is Porn is Not Art, artists successfully showed the face and body of their interpretation of naked.

The display includes paintings and photographs of people in various states of dishabille and some, totally starkers. There were people present in the room who looked to be nude but this was part of an illusion.

Singling out some of the work there are many remarkable bronze sculptures done by a duo, Janet MacKay and Mitchell Webster, who work from their studio Worldview. Their work is beautifully displayed on plinths with one or two on display on window ledges.

And then there are the omnipresent and brilliantly conceived and painted canvasses of the young, edgy Montreal artist, Mathieu Laca. The theme Naked Naked Naked was made for Laca who paints his bodies shiny and buff and, often, sporting the head of an animal; the naked soul awakens when Laca picks up his brush.

There are several specially-built shelves, low-to-the-ground, holding computer keyboards which I, as a former writer, have taken great pleasure in mutilating. They are called Quirky B's for the QWERTY designation from our common keyboard. The show at Patrick John Mills Gallery have on display several Quirky B's hitherto unseen having been created specifically for this show.

Patrick John Mills Gallery at 286 Hinchey in Westboro  is open Thursday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 pm or by appointment. Please see the website for further details.