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True North Perspective
Vol. 8, No. 4 (332)
Friday 1 March 2013
Has True North Perspective changed its name?
Editor's Notes

International Women's Day 2013 logo.No. True North Perspective has not changed its name. True North Perspective is simply better than ever. We publish together with our new hard-hitting companion True North Humanist Perspective, a news magazine that may appeal to those who prefer a greater focus on analysis. So please be sure to click on the announcement to gain the cover of True North Humanist Perspective.

As you may have already noticed we have published an additional section in celebration of International Woman's Day, 08 March 2003.

Some say we don't need a special day for women. And they're right. Women are our mothers, our sisters, our lovers, our spouses, and our best friends, so every day is women's day. TNP has an excellent record of advancing the cause of women with stories of their struggles and victories throughout the world.

But it doesn't hurt, at least once a year, to pay special tribute to women.

Four of our regular columnists are women. We don't say all this in a patronizing way. It's just that we recognize ability regardless of gender. Currently, I'm in negotiations with a woman to become our volunteer National Editor. I'll keep you informed.

The only thing that that brings tears to my eyes is when I'm made aware of intense struggle against seemingly impossible odds, with the participants of whatever gender refusing to quit, then winning despite all.

Tears of joy.

That's the lead story in this Women's Day special. It's about a 1912 strike of 22,000 "ignorant, unsophisticated", women textile workers who took on corporate and state power (complete with rifles and bayonets) in a tough but successful fight against a cut in pay.

Those who know nothing about it, don't realize how extremely difficult it is for people to take strike action. They don't do it for fun (even though they may show smiles on the picket line) but are driven to it out of sense of outrage that their rights as human beings are being denied.

It's very heart warming to see them fight — and win.

The second story in our special salute to women, is about the million of mostly teenage Soviet girls who rose out of the factories, farms and schools to fight against the Nazi war machine that had invaded their country in 1941. It was the largest invasion in history.

Adolph Hitler had convinced millions of Germans that they were the Master Race and that the war on his eastern front would be a cake walk against subhuman Slavs. The millions who invaded were blinded by racism that included contempt for women.

These subhuman, Slavic teenage girls, gave the Master Race lessons in female liberation on the ground and in the air all the way to Berlin.

It's very heart warming to see them fight — and win.

Closer to home, and today, we offer the story of our own Sharron Lee Mannion who, with only one companion, stood up to an insulting attempt by The Ottawa Citizen to cut her pay and take full control over her writing. Sign the contract or we'll fire you, said the Citizen. Sharon refused to surrender. They fired her. Her story appears in this issue.

Five years later, in February of this year, freelance writer Ann Douglas took the same stand against The Toronto Star. Her story is here too.

Otherwise throughout the three sections of this issue of True North Perspective you will find stories that may shock you in contrast to the pablum that is being fed you by the mainstream media. As one who is dedicated to the concept of a free and critical media, it grieves me to see how servile the media has become. It's not that they represent the corporate interests (that's been no secret) it's just that they parrot the lies of the most greedy of the greedy and thereby collaborate in the disintegration of life as we know it today and as we would have it for our children.

Meanwhile, it's very heart warming to witness heroic action against the money changers.

Take it easy, but take it.

Looking forward

Carl Dow

Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective
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