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Into The Waves is a collection of Poems And Other Writings

that shares wisdom won in a courageous search for meaning

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the cover to The Book End to read the heart stirring and intellectually stimulating Preamble by author Beverly Diane Blanchard on Universal Laws of life. Ms. Blanchard is a First Nation Ojibway from Northern Ontario. She holds a degree in Economics from Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario. A former public servant, she has been a consultant to First Nation and Inuit organizations in a variety of areas of concern including homelessness, suicide, violence prevention, childcare, HIV/AIDS, women's issues, business planning, and economics. She is a writer and personal development coach based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, and Canada's capital, Ottawa. Into The Waves is a book that one would always want to have ready to hand.

Credit where credit due

We know US Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has some peculiar ideas on women's rights, on Medicare, on education and more, but he comes down solid against the world empire builders in control of Washington who have been killing and wounding millions in their pointless wars while bankrupting their own country. So, in the spirit of bringing truth to our readers, we offer the following.

Mainstream media tight with military/industrial complex

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Remember Benghazi when they tell you

Syrian troops rape and murder civilians

By Carl Dow
Editor and Publisher
True North Perspective
01 Junes 2012 — In 2011, the United Nations, prompted by big spender ($1 billion on Libya alone) Washington voted to establish a no-fly zone over Libya. The act allowed what was to become an undeclared war against a former ally.
On Thursday 17 March 2011, the UN Security Council at the behest of Washingon adopted Resolution 1973 (2011) by a vote of 10 in favour to none against, with 5 abstentions (Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russian Federation) that declared a no-fly zone over Libya.
The decision was based on the allegation that the Libyan air force had attacked Benghazi and massacred 6,000 inhabitants.
The United Nations was later to reveal that the attack and massacre had never taken place. The whole story was a lie.
Now we have what is becoming a war of religions in Syria which, under the Assad family has been ruled by a secular government.
The so-called Arab Spring manifestations have been funded and organized by the Americans.
Please see by John Barry, national-security correspondent for Newsweek magazine since 1985. Barry reveals that Washington spent more than one billion dollars to finance and manipulate its Libyan franchise.
Syria has been on a US list slated for regime change. Only time will tell how much money the US will spend on that operation. According to the List, Iran was to follow Syria.
The grating irony is that all these regime changes have been financed and organized in the name of democracy as we know it but they have resulted in expanding the power of Muslims and their Sharia law, taking these countries back to the middle ages.
The hopes and dreams and very lives of millions are being crushed as a result of the exercise of the stupid, messianic adolescent fantasies of world domination by the military-industrial complex that now controls Washington.
No amount of hand washing will ever clear the guilt of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton for their roles as energetic representatives of this horror. And they include other leaders, like our own prime minister Stephen Harper who has bathed himself deeply in a big lie.
Here following is a story that gives you another version of the events that prompted a series of Western governments to kick out Syrian diplomats. When I read it, I thought of the massacre at Benghazi that never happened. We're being conned yet again by the military-industrial complex.
But don't despair, truth will out. So take it easy but take it. And read on.

The Houla massacre: Opposition terrorists

killed families loyal to the government

By Marat Musin
ANNA News and
In the weekend of May 25, 2012, at about 2 PM, big groups of fighters attacked and captured the town of Al–Hula of the Homs province. Al-Hula is made up of three regions: the village of Taldou, Kafr Laha and Taldahab, each of which had previously been home for 25-30 thousand people.
The town was attacked from the north-east by groups of bandits and mercenaries, numbering up to 700 people. The militants came from Ar-Rastan (the Brigade of al-Farouk from the Free Syrian Army led by the terrorist Abdul Razak Tlass and numbering 250), from the village of Akraba (led by the terrorist Yahya Al-Yousef), from the village Farlaha, joined by local gangsters, and from Al Hula.

The city of Ar-Rastan has long been abandoned by most civilians. Now Wahhabis from Lebanon dominate the scene, fueled with money and weapons by one of the main orchestrators of international terrorism, Saad Hariri, who heads the anti-Syrian political movement “Tayyar Al-Mustaqbal” (“Future Movement”). The road from Ar-Rastan to Al-Hula runs through Bedouin areas that remain mostly out of control of government troops, which made the militant attacks on Al Hula a complete surprise for the Syrian authorities.

When the rebels seized the lower checkpoint in the center of town and located next to the local police department, they began to sweep all the families loyal to the authorities in neighboring houses, including the elderly, women and children. Several families of the Al-Sayed were killed, including 20 young children and the family of the Abdul Razak. Many of those killed were “guilty” of the fact that they dared to change from Sunnis to Shiites. The people were killed with knives and shot at point blank range. Then they presented the murdered to the UN and the international community as victims of bombings by the Syrian army, something that was not verified by any marks on their bodies. (More)


Israeli former deputy head of miliary intelligence says

Muslim Brotherhood takes control of Syrian opposition

By Col. (ret) Dr. Jacques Neriah
Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs

Col. (ret.) Dr. Jacques Neriah, a special analyst for the Middle East at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, was formerly Foreign Policy Advisor to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Deputy Head for Assessment of Israeli Military Intelligence.

28 May 2012 — After having raised its flag as the main opposition force fighting the Syrian armed forces, and becoming a beacon for dissidents and army deserters who joined to fight the regime, the [Free Syrian Army] is no longer the sole force in the fight against Assad.

As was the case in Egypt, the Muslim Brothers, who today are undoubtedly in the forefront of the fighting against the regime, were not present at the birth of the revolt against Assad, which was the result of the mishandling of local protests by the security forces.

Evidence of the enlistment of Muslim radicals against the Syrian regime is becoming widespread and reflects the possible evolution of Syria as a magnet for Muslim fighters who once sought jihad and martyrdom in Iraq and Afghanistan. (More)

Venezuelan opposition and media distort reality on the ground

By Rachael Boothroyd
Correo del Orinoco International

25 May 2012 CARACAS Venezuela — Earlier this week Al Jazeera English published an article by Nikolas Kozloff, a former academic turned author who now spends his time writing satire and lambasting the Venezuelan government while hiding behind his Oxford PhD as a veil of objectivity. The focus of Kozloff’s latest article was the Cuban-Venezuelan “Barrio Adentro” initiative, a social mission which provides free healthcare to Venezuela’s poor, and free, community-based training for Venezuelan medical students.

Despite the program being one of the government’s most popular, and the fact that it is often cited as an exemplary case of Cuban internationalism and solidarity, in his article Kozloff instead decides to detail the alleged “harrowing” conditions that Cuban doctors are subjected to while treating patients in Venezuela. (More)

Another useful road map clarifying the Syria crisis

Ten flashpoints that can draw Lebanon into the fight

By Primoz Manfreda Guide
The impact of the Syrian uprising on Lebanon will be as closely watched as the events in Syria itself. No other two Arab countries have their destinies so closely intertwined, and no country in the region is as divided on the issue of the Syrian uprising as Lebanon.

Syrian regime has dominated its smaller neighbor for most of the past two decades: it has loyal allies and sworn enemies. Here’s a list of developments to watch: (More)

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Friday 01 June 2012
Guest Editorial
By Thomas Walkom
National Affairs Columnist
The Toronto Star
1 June 2012 — When Stephen Harper’s Conservatives talk about protecting the economy, they are speaking of an abstraction.

They override the right to strike of rail and airline workers in order to further this abstraction. They run roughshod over the environment in its name.

But the real economy is not an abstraction. It is people’s jobs and wages. It is our livelihood. It is how we get by.

And this real economy is not doing well.

The real economy includes the 2,000 people set to lose their jobs in Oshawa by June 2013, thanks to cutbacks just announced by General Motors. (More)

"News is what (certain) people want to keep hidden. Everything else is just publicity."
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Alex Binkley is a foremost political and economic analyst, whose website is Readers will be aware that his columns in True North Perspective have foreseen political and economic developments in Canada. This week in ...
The Binkley Report

Ending CP strike settles nothing

Parliament must set process that is fair to both sides

By Alex Binkley
True North Perspective

01 June 2012 — It’s a scenario we’ve seen many times in this country. Parliament ends a strike in the rail, airline, port or postal sectors. The sides go back to work until the next time they can’t reach a new agreement.

And then the political infighting and protests in Ottawa start all over again.

There have been 33 legislated returns to work since 1950. No Liberal or Conservative government has been willing to risk the economic fallout of letting these disruptions drag on. It’s hard to believe an NDP government would tolerate it for very long. (More)
Who will watch Harper's watchmen? Nobody!
By Brian Stewart
CBC News
31 May 2012 — For over 30 years our domestic intelligence agency has been haunted by the memory of a massive scandal that revealed how Canada's government had lost control of its own spies.
In the late 1970s, the problems that beset the RCMP Security Service — illegal break-ins and wiretaps, intimidation of suspects, damage to property, political interference and lying to cabinet ministers — were seen as Canada's Watergate.
They shook the faith of Canadians in our security service and in the protection of civil rights, and contributed to the fall of the Trudeau government in 1979.
Today we should reflect on just how bad this was, for it reminds us of the critical need for government to ensure that our spies never run amok again. (More.)
From the Desk of Dennis Carr, Sustainable Development Editor

China to supply Canadian city

with first all-electric bus fleet in North America

By Nino Marchetti

24 May 2012 — The City of Windsor, Ontario, which sits directly across the Detroit River from Detroit, the heart of the American auto industry, recently announced that it’s signed a letter of intent with China-based electric vehicle manufacturer BYD to supply the city with an electric bus fleet. In a recent press release, the city says the agreement will make Windsor the first city in North America to launch long-range, all-electric bus fleet.

The agreement stipulates that Windsor Transit will purchase up to 10 of BYD’s 40-foot electric buses. Since it’s so close to Detroit, Windsor Transit has routes that run into the United States, meaning those busses may have the unique distinction of running internationally. (More)

Spirit Quest

A moving performance of King Lear by aboriginals

By The Rev. Dr. Hanns F. Skoutajan
True North Perspective

01 June 2012 — It seems like a bit of a stretch to hear Elizabethan English from the mouths of a cast dressed in aboriginal attire presenting Shakespeare's The Tragedy of King Lear. But that sense of a “stretch” was dissipated by the fact that everyone on stage at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre was in fact aboriginal from First Nation communities all across this land. Gordon Patrick White in the role of  Edgar, the king's eldest son, came from far east Newfoundland. Kevin Loring, played the role of  Edmund, the king’s bastard son, hails from BC. Everyone of the 40 actors came from First Nation communities  from all across this land.

King Lear is without a doubt, one of the greatest plays written in the English language, a play that pits  greed against love in the political context of a time long ago. But Shakespeare’s genius is that the dynamics of his drama are not left in some distant past. Love and  greed are, after all, universal themes, and very much alive in any time, indeed, our own. It was nevertheless a daring adventure to place the drama in a North American setting. (More)
Bits and Bites of Everyday Life
By Geneviève Hone
True North Perspective

Geneviève Hone is a grandmother, family therapist and social worker.  With her husband, Julien Mercure (also a family therapist), she has co-authored three books on couples and family life. Her home on the web is

1 June 2012 — “I need to talk to some people, so I’m going for a walk”, I inform my husband on this lovely day.
“Heading towards the park?” he asks.
“No just down the street.”
He laughs. Today is the first day of the Ottawa Race Weekend and a few blocks down from our place, I will find thousands and thousands of people. (More.)
Beating the Drum

A Lousy Facebook Friend

By Beverly Blanchard
True North Perspective
Beverly Blanchard is an Ojibway First Nation from Northern Ontario.  She holds a degree in Economics. During the last twenty-two years, she has worked as a consultant to First Nation and Inuit organizations in a variety of disciplines including: homelessness, suicide prevention, violence prevention, childcare, HIV/AIDS, women’s issues, business planning, and economic development. She has also designed and delivered Aboriginal awareness and stress management workshops to Federal government employees. Currently, Ms Blanchard is a life strategy coach, author and energy healer in Ottawa.

1 June 2012 — I must admit that I resisted the urge to join Facebook for quite some time. I couldn’t really be bothered. I knew who my friends were. But then I had a book published and everyone told me I needed to get with the program. In order to market my book I was told, I had to be on these social networking sites. It was the only way I could get my book out there. The old ways of marketing a book were obsolete.

It faintly reminded me of the days in the late 1990s when we were told that the old ways of doing business were over. Throw out the business plans because the new economy was going to revolutionize how we do business. That was when the technology industry was expanding exponentially. The bursting of the tech bubble however proved that the new economy wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. (More)
From the Desk of Darren Jerome

A continuing update on the war against WikiLeaks transparency

Please be advised that the below is not just the same old thing. By clicking on it you'll find the petition in support of Julian Assange and discover fascinating on-going reports and videos related to one of the most important events in modern history, and the desperate attempts to put a lid on information that everyone should know. Don't miss this special opportunity to stay informed.

From the Desk of Frances Sedgwick

Jon Stewart, religion teacher extraordinaire

By Mark Oppenheimer
Religion and politics, fit for polite company

01 May 2012 — As difficult as it is to find good writing about religion, it is harder still to find good television about religion. Most televangelists do not do good (challenging, nuanced) religious television: one of their goals may be to educate, or win converts, but they have to raise money, and offering sophisticated portraits of religion is as likely to close people's wallets as open them. Religious television series tend to be unwatchable: no Touched by an Angel for me. And talk-show hosts are rarely any better when it comes to religion. The skepticism of Bill Maher can be as simplistic as the basest prosperity gospel, and we should all be glad that the eager gullibility of Oprah is now quarantined on her own network. Except for public television's Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, it is hard to find intelligent talk about religion on TV.

Except for Jon Stewart, that is. The secular Jewish comedian, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, covers religion often, but more important, he covers it well. Stewart seems to genuinely enjoy interviewing religious figures, whether of the left (like Sojourners magazine's Jim Wallis) or the right (like pseudo-historian, political advisor and textbook consultant David Barton). Some of The Daily Show's best sketches deal with religion, and his writers and multi-ethnic cast — including one of the few recognizable Muslim comedians in America, Aasif Mandvi — frequently move beyond satire. They are often funny, but just as often smart. (More)
Move over King Canute!
North Carolina bill would make sea level rise illegal(!)
By Scott Huler
Scientific American
30 May 2012 — According to North Carolina law, I am a billionaire. I have a full-time nanny for my children, I have won the Pulitzer Prize, and I get to spend the entire year taking guitar lessons from Mark Knopfler. Oh, my avatar? I haven’t got around to changing it, but by law, I now look like George Clooney. There’s also a supermodel clause, but discussing the details would be boasting.
You think I’m kidding, but listen to me: I’m from North Carolina, and that’s how we roll. We take what we want to be reality, and we just make it law. So I’m having my state senator introduce legislation writing into law all the stuff I mentioned above. This is North Carolina, state motto: “Because that’s how I WANT it to be.”
Okay, though. These are hard days, people are crazyish, and you just have to soldier on, right? But then it turns out that North Carolina legislators are now tossing around bills that not only protect themselves from concepts that make them uncomfortable, they’re DETERMINING HOW WE MEASURE REALITY. (More.)

Reality Check

'Bath salts' hysteria or, Reefer Madness revisited:

The dumb and dangerous propaganda in Miami zombie story

By Kristen Gwynne
31 May 2012 — Rarely does a story excite the media as much as a scary drug story -- a person supposedly crazed and made violent by some mysterious concoction. The problem is these stories, often hugely hysterical, are rarely true, and spread dangerous misinformation about drugs, which is surely the case with the so-called "Miami Zombie."
Media outlets are reporting that Rudy Eugene, a.k.a. the "Miami Zombie," who chewed a man’s face off (and even ate his eyeballs) did so because he was "overdosing" on bath salts, "a new potent form of LSD," and maybe also cocaine. These reports are based entirely on speculation by police spokesmen and media excited to fan the flames of fear in Miami. No toxicology tests were performed, no drug paraphernalia found on the scene.
Bath salts are not “the new LSD,” and calling them the new LSD is propaganda for the media to gobble up. Bath salts and LSD have almost nothing in common chemically, and there is no hard evidence (outside of one police spokesman's speculation) that Rudy Eugene was high on anything. Not only are his statements not supported by science, they are at odds with common sense. (More.)

Legendary Herman cartoonist remembered

By Tom Spears
Ottawa Sun
30 May 2012 —Legendary Herman cartoonist Jim Unger liked his eggs sunny-side up, to match his disposition.He also liked someone else to cook them. The British-born Unger, 75, died suddenly at his Victoria, B.C. home Monday.
Though he hadn't spent much time in Ottawa in recent years, Unger used to live in a small flat in Britannia — right above his parents — even after his internationally-syndicated cartoon made him rich. His kitchen was reserved for working.
Longtime friend and collaborator Ray Stone said Unger would sketch out his cartoons in pencil on the kitchen table before inking them and scattering them about the floor to dry.
The men met in the 1970s, right about the time Unger became "instantly successful" with his cartoons of crotchety everyman Herman.
After Stone had Unger on his television show, the two met every Thursday at Peter's Pantry to toss around sitcom ideas and drink a few beers. (More)

Knock-knock Hilary and Obama, now pay attention

Instead of promoting losing wars aroound the world you should spread a little democracy back home
By George L. Winship
29 May 2012 — California Attorney General says, “Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world today and, unfortunately, has spread its tentacles into communities throughout California.”
Sex trafficking is the main sector of forced labor in the United States. Many of its victims are underage runaways or children abducted from their homes. Most are isolated from their family and social network.
Other forms of human trafficking include victims of forced labor, domestic servitude, sweatshop labor for little or no wage, working under inhuman conditions, and agricultural labor, using labor trafficking to provide a cheap and docile labor force. (More)

South Americans link despite differences

to form an integrated bloc with global reach

By Maria Mejia

30 May 2012 — The general secretary of the Union of Southern Nations (UNASUR), Maria Emma Meija, stressed that integration between the countries of Latin America will allow the continent to consolidate its strong position in the world.

Mejia said that despite the political differences that there might be between the 12 nations that make up the southern cone, “It’s important to see how the various integration agreements between all the countries and their heads of state are evolving”. She said the aim of the most recent agreement was to protect natural resources, referring to the energy council, which was the main theme of the meeting in Caracas last week.

Mejia is a Colombian politician and has been general secretary of Unasur since March 2011. (More)

Money and Markets

Bad metaphor and ulterior motives:

The real point of the international 'austerity drive'

By Paul Krugman
The New York Times
31 May 2012 — “The boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity.” So declared John Maynard Keynes 75 years ago, and he was right. Even if you have a long-run deficit problem — and who doesn’t? — slashing spending while the economy is deeply depressed is a self-defeating strategy, because it just deepens the depression.
So why is Britain doing exactly what it shouldn’t? Unlike the governments of, say, Spain or California, the British government can borrow freely, at historically low interest rates. So why is that government sharply reducing investment and eliminating hundreds of thousands of public-sector jobs, rather than waiting until the economy is stronger?
Over the past few days, I’ve posed that question to a number of supporters of the government of Prime Minister David Cameron, sometimes in private, sometimes on TV. And all these conversations followed the same arc: They began with a bad metaphor and ended with the revelation of ulterior motives. (More.)
How and what the rich buy, live-in, and sell
Top ten real estate deals in the United States

Oprah Winfrey's real estate mistake

This week's Top 10 homes spotlight at includes a look at Oprah Winfrey's Chicago real estate mistake. Like many Americans, Oprah bought the home when prices were booming and is selling when prices are in the pits. Oprah purchased the 1913 Beaux-Arts style condo with beautiful views of Lake Michigan in 2006 for $5.6 million, then put it on the market in 2008 for $6 million. For a while she offered it as a rental for $15,000 per month. Today it’s listed for sale at $2.8 million.

In other home news:

Another celebrity real estate miscalculation belongs to Eddie Murphy. He has been trying to sell his New Jersey home for eight years and it looks like he finally has a buyer. Eddie bought the house for $3 million then went hog wild adding another 15,000 square feet to it. It has everything including a bowling alley, recording studio, pool, racketball court, tennis court, screening room, pool and child’s gym. He first put it on the market in 2004 at $30 million. That was the beginning of the real estate land slide that would eventually bring the price down to its final painful selling price of $12 million - an $18 million loss.

Remember the first million dollar sports star? Now we have the country's first million dollar parking space. Of course, the spot is in New York City and is an impressive 12 feet wide, 23 feet long, and 15 feet high, meaning that you have the capability of installing an elevator so you can house your Porche above the Rolls. But first you have to buy an apartment in the building. The 8,000 square foot duplex penthouse will set you back an additional $38.8 million.   (Nolan Ryan was the first million dollar athlete in 1980 with the Houston Astros)

Also, Ryan Seacrest bought Ellen DeGeneres' home and is selling his House of Peace in the Hollywood Hills for $11.985 million, a 1.4 acre island on the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, Florida is going to auction on June 7th, and a Georgetown townhouse that was part of the east coast route of the Underground Railroad is for sale at $7.9 million.

Real estate is never boring at TopTenRealEstateDeals. Check out today's most entertaining and unusual real estate news stories of the week at: where you won't get information about home loan rates or housing starts or stuff like that. Instead, we will bring you news such as South Florida's hot housing market, famous TV series home values, and Octomom's real estate headaches.

The Book End

Universal Laws

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. — Ralph Waldo Emerson.

'All I had to do was accept the fact that happiness was an inside job'

By Beverly Diane Blanchard


Throughout history we have continually been given keys to unlock the doors to a life of happiness. Yet, for some unknown reason, we have thrown away the keys, and accepted society’s conditioning that our birth on this planet was a birth into the school of hard knocks. We were told that life was meant to be a struggle, that there were no free rides. It was about conforming and following the prescribed path. You were required to get an education, enter into the world of work, pay taxes and have a family. Once you had ‘done your time’, so-to-speak, society would reward you with a golden retirement watch, and off you would go to enjoy your final years in happiness and bliss. Only for some the happiness and bliss didn’t really happen. Instead there were illness and loss. Was this what it was all about? Were we only here to struggle through our existence? What would happen if one stepped off the prescribed path to find out just what life was supposed to be about?

From The Book of Ancient Wisdom, an unpublished manuscript by Beverly Diane Blanchard. (More.)

The Old Man's Last Sauna
(To read the stories just click on the italic titles. Please tell us what you think.)
An eclectic collection of short stories by Carl Dow that will stir your sense of humour, warm your heart, outrage your sense of justice, and chill your extra sensory faculties in the spirit of Stephen King. The final short story, the collection's namesake, The Old Man's Last Sauna is a ground-breaking love story. The series begins with Deo Volente (God Willing). Followed by The Quintessence of Mr. FlynnSharing LiesFlying HighThe Richest Bitch in the Country or Ginny I Hardly Knows YaOne Lift Too ManyThe Model A Ford, the out-of-body chiller, Room For One Only and O Ernie! ... What Have They Done To You! The series closes with the collection's namesake, The Old Man's Last Saunaa groundbreaking love story. All stories may also be found in the True North Perspective Archives.

The pair will fight for the world title in Las Vegas on July 7, almost two years after Sonnen's fifth-round loss to the Brazilian in their only previous meeting.

"I feel sorry for him. He is a frustrated man," Silva told TV Globo on Sunday night. "He has never won anything in his life. The fight is going to be something else."

During a press conference to promote the event in Rio last month, the American said Silva's championship belt was "a fake" and belittled his humble upbringing in Brazil.

Silva, who has not lost a bout since January 2006, said his family had taken offence at Sonnen's remarks.

The pair will fight for the world title in Las Vegas on July 7, almost two years after Sonnen's fifth-round loss to the Brazilian in their only previous meeting.

"I feel sorry for him. He is a frustrated man," Silva told TV Globo on Sunday night. "He has never won anything in his life. The fight is going to be something else."

During a press conference to promote the event in Rio last month, the American said Silva's championship belt was "a fake" and belittled his humble upbringing in Brazil.

Silva, who has not lost a bout since January 2006, said his family had taken offence at Sonnen's remarks.