Raging Grans nix political statue at Supreme Court

Raging Granny says proposed statue would

affront dignity of Supreme Court of Canada

An open letter to John Baird, Harper cabinet member and

minister in charge of the National Capital Commission

Saturday 24 January 2015

Subject: [ottawagrans] An Open Letter re the Monument to Victims of Communism

Dear Mr. Baird,

I write as a proud resident of our National Capital to protest in the strongest terms your Goverment's support for the foolish proposal by a small private group to build a monument to the 'victims of Communism" in one of the most prominent sites in our city. As a member of Cabinet and the Minister responsible for the NCC, you bear a major reponsibility for this decision.

I will not address the question as to whether or not such a monument is a good idea in and of itself. The important point I want you to realize is that placing this monument next to the Supreme Court will brand your Government forever into the future as driven by ideology and lacking any respect for the institutions of justice, or any larger vision of Canada as expressed in the planning of its National Capital.

Recent comments in the media, including Joanne Chianello's column in The Citizen, have made it clear that there are other options. Others, including people prominent in architecture and planning, have raised concerns since the plan first came to light.
Last summer, the Ottawa Raging Grannies expressed the concerns of many ordinary Ottawans in a pop-up art installation which focused on victims thrown under the big Blue Bus, including Parliament, scientific inquiry, Aboriginal women, healthcare, the public service, and many others (see video, above right, or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njGZ1CjEUbI).
I look forward to your announcement, as Ottawa's foremost representative on the Hill, that this plan has been changed and a more suitable location (not paid for by the public) has been agreed upon. This could be accompanied by a statement of the value placed by your Government on building a Capital City that is gracious, dignified, well-planned, and beautiful.


Cathleen Kneen
Ottawa ON Canada